40 terms

World War I

nationalism, industrialism, alliances, assassination of archduke ferdinand
four causes that led to WWI
england, france, russia
three countries in the triple entente
germany, austria-hungary
two countries of the central powers
years of WWI
type of fighting
location of fighting
lusitania, zimmerman note, US business interests, US propaganda
four reasons US got involved
april 6, 1917
date US got involved
battle of argonne and end of war
septermber-november 11, 1918
woodrow wilson
president during WWI
61 million
number of people who fought in WWI
16 million
number of people who died in WWI
19.5 million
number of people who were wounded
number of US troops who died
21.5 million
number of europeans who died from the spanish influenza
32 million
number of artillery shells that were shot at the battle of verdun
country archduke ferdinand was from
student who shot archduke ferdinand
june 28, 1914
date archduke ferdinand was assassinated
country that invaded france first
august 3, 1914
date WWI officially started
country where most of the fighting occurred
british ocean liner
may 7, 1915
date lusitania was sunk
country of the sub that took down the lusitania
zimmerman note
letter to mexico from germany that was intercepted and stated the germany wanted mexico to attack the US
3.2 billion dollars
amount of money US made by trade with the allies from 1914-1916
april 6, 1917
date US entered WWI
triple entente (allies)
side the US chose to fight with
selective service act
sets one up for the draft, states that when a male turns 18 they must sign up
year soviets leave the war
northern france
location of most of the fighting after the soviets leave
month of communist revolution
battle of argonne
battle that the US helped most with
red barron
plane that had 3 wings
november 11th, 1918
date war ends (veteran's day)
country that was blamed for the war
treaty of versailles
name of the treaty that forced germany to pay for most of the war
new national boundaries, no secret treaties, open seas, military reduction, free trade, colonial claims mediation
focuses of wilsons fourteen points
league of nations
wilson's idea that was a pre-cursor to united nations