40 terms

Art Appreciation Test 1

Self Portrait
Mexican artist Frida Kalo is best known for extremely realistic and often anguished_________________?
Lenonardo Divinci
Pictorial balance can be found in which of the following?
Hagia Sophia / Dome
Located in Istanbul, Turkey the____________ was built as a Christian church in 532-537 CE but was converted to an Islamic mosque in 1453 and now serves as a museum. Its___________ is especially wondrous, appearing to float on light streaming through its row of windows.
In the Family of Saltimbanques, Picasso Places visual emphasis on the seated woman in the painting through_________?
Gender Issues
The main narrative or subject matter of Barbara Kruger's Untitled: We Don't Need Another Hero is _____________?
Weight Shift
The classical Greek Sculptor Polkleitos was the first known artist to apply the principle of ___________ in order to achieve overall naturalistic balance in the human body's stance.
In his famous 1907 photograph, Alfred Stieglitz captures the juxtaposition of the upper and lower classes on board the Kaiser Wilhelm II Ship.
In Four Marilyn's Pop artist Andy Warhol participated in the cultural_____________ of the film star and icon Marilyn Monroe.
In Nighthawk's, Edward Hopper's desolate scent of late night diners in a city cafe, the scene seems to be set in the period of the ______________.
Picasso Protested the horror and brutality of the Spanish civil war in his 1937 masterpiece painting know as ___________?
Unity & Variety
Andy Warhol's grid-based composition, Ethel Scull Thirty-Six Times, exhibits _________ & __________ due to the multidimensional and varied views of Scull's personality and expressions.
Marcel Duchamp's Fountain is a ready-made, produced from an upside-down ____________.
Representational Abstraction
The couple in Lichtenstein's Forget It, Forget Me! are not very realistic but they are clearly recognizable. The painting is therefore a good example of _____________.
The word art encompasses many meanings, including process.
Meaning: Process: Painting, Drawing, Architecture, Photography and Sculpting
Examining a work of art in it's historical, social and political ________ enables you to better understand it.
Implied Mass
Mark Tansey's Landscape depicts three-dimensional massive shapes on a two-dimensional surface, creating what is know as ___________.
Conceptual Art / Joseph Cossi
An anti-commercial movement begun in the 1960's in which works of art are conceived and executed in the mind of the artist is known as___________.
In art, a _________ is usually defined as a moving dot and both the simplest and most complex of the visual elements.
_________creates the illusion of roundness or three dimensionality through the use of light and shadow on a two-dimensional surface.
The _____________ shape of an artistic composition is considered the background.
From the Italian for "light-dark", what term is sometimes used in place of the word modeling?
The colors opposite each other on the color wheel are ________.
When an artist places one object in front of another to create an illusion of depth.
Yin/Yang - Icons you recognize
Which of the following shapes can be considered a cultural icon?
Op Art
When you look at a(n) __________ painting, your eyes are manipulated to see rippling movement and afterimages.
Actual texture is primarily experienced through the sense of ____________.
Conceptual Unity
When artist focus on the unity of ideas and meaning in their work rather than the visual and compositional elements, they are pursuing___________.
Actual Balance
Unlike two-dimensional compositions. three-dimensional objects such as sculptures often have _________________.
Balance or Symmetry
In art _______ or _________ refers to the distribution of the actual or apparent weight of the compositional elements.
Approximate Symmetry
Unlike pure, bilateral symmetry, _______________ provides variety within an overall unified composition.
The process of organizing the visual elements to achieve a desired aesthetic in a work of art is known as ____________.
Radial Balance
_____________ is often a major design element in art forms such as ceramics, basketry, jewelry and stained glass.
__________ refers to a distinctive handling of elements and media associated with the work of an individual artist. a school or movement. or a specific culture or period.
Context has a profound influence on style. Artworks are very much a product of ________________.
Realism or Naturalism
___________ or ________________ refer to the portrayal of people and things as they actually are, with no idealization or distortion.
Effect of Emotions
in expressionistic art, the artist intentionally distorts color and form in the composition in order to achieve a(n) ________ of __________.
The forms of an artwork includes all of the elements that make up the composition except __________________.
Common Theme
One of the best ways to illustrate stylistic differences between works of art is to choose several works that have a ______________.
________________ is the study of the themes and symbols in the visual arts: figures and images that lend works their underlying meaning.
The ________________ of a work of art is everything that is contained in it.