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Immunology MLT(ASCP) Protein Analysis

Study Guide
Antibodies composed of IgG immunoglobulin:
can cross the placenta from mother to fetus
Measurement of serum levels of which of the following immunoglobulins can serve as a screening test for multiple allergies?
Cells that are precursors of plasma cells and also produce immunoglobulins are:
B lymphocytes
IgM antibodies are frequently hemolytic because of:
their efficient ability to fix complement
To which of the following classes do the antibodies that cause hemolytic disease of the newborn belong?
It is important to note that when an infant is born, levels of specific antibody of the following class are used to indicate neonatal infection:
Antibodies are produced by:
B cells
Antibody class and antibody subclass are determined by major physiochemical differences and antigenic variation found primarily in the:
constant region of heavy chain
Which of the following immunoglobulin classes is associated with a secretory component (transport piece)?
The immunoglobulin class typically found to be present in saliva, tears and other secretions is:
Treatment of IgG with papain results in how many fragments from each immunoglobulin molecule?
The immunoglobulin class associated with immediate hypersensitivity or atopic reactions is:
Which of the following immunoglobulins is the most efficient at agglutination?
The key structural difference that distinguishes immunoglobulin subclasses is the:
the sequence of the constant regions
The IgM molecule is a:
Which of the following immunoglobulins is present in the highest concentration in normal human serum?
Which of the following statements about immunoglobulins is true?
IgA class exists as serum and secretory molecules
Antibody idiotype is dicated by the:
variable regions of heavy and light chains
Antibody allotype is determined by the:
constant regions of heavy and light chains
Which igG subclass is most efficient at crossing the placenta?
The J-chain is associated with which of the following immunoglobulins?
Macrophage phagocytosis of bacteria is enhanced by which of the following:
Which of the following is the larger residual split portion of C3?
Which of the following activities is associated with C3b?
After a penicillin injection, a patient rapidly develops respiratory distress, vomiting and hives. This reaction is primarily mediated by:
Which of the following is the "recognition unit" in the classical complement pathway?
In immunofixation electrophoresis:
The antigen is electrophoresed and then monospecific antisera is reacted with it
Which of the following is the "membrane attack complex" of complement activation?
C5b, C6, C7, C8, C9
Which of the following releases histamine and other mediators from basophils?
A single, reliable screening test for detecting neonatal infection in the absence of clinical signs is:
quantitative serum IgM determination
Bence Jones proteins are:
monoclonal light chains
Humoral antibodies are produced by which cells?
B lymphocytes
Initiation of the activation mechanism of the alternative complement pathway differs from that of the classical pathway in that:
antigen-antibody complexes containing IgA or IgE may initiate activation.
Which of the following is cleaved as a result of activation of the classical complement pathway?
The component associated only with the alternative pathway of complement activation is:
properdin factor B
Potent chemotactic activity is associated with which of the following components of the complement system:
Hereditary angioedema is characterized by:
decreased activity of C1 esterase inhibitor
which of the following has been associated with patients who have homozygous C3 deficiency?
a lifelong history of life-threatening infections
Hereditary deficiency of early complement components (C1, C4 and C2) is associated with:
lupus erythematosus like syndrome
Hereditary deficiency of late complement components (C5, C6, C7, or C8) can be associated with which of the following conditions?
a systemic gonococcal infection if exposed
Which immunologic mechanism is usually involved in bronchial asthma?
immediate hypersensitivity
Antihistamines like Benadryl
block H1 histamine receptors
A child has severe hay fever. A total IgE measurement was performed by the Ouchterlony immunodiffusion method. No lines of precipitation appeared on the immunodiffusion plate. The most likely explanation is:
IgE is in too low a concentration to be detected by this method