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Cesar Chavez


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protests in which people refuse to buy something
gatherings where people speak up about something you want or don't want
To refuse to work in order to force an employer to meet certain demands
labor union
An organization of workers that tries to improve working conditions, wages, and benefits for its members
migrant farm worker
workers who move to wherever crops are ready to plant or harvest
equal rights
rights and opportunity for everyone
fast, fasting
to go without food for a long period of time
neighborhoods populated by Spanish-speaking people
civil disobedience
the act of peacefully breaking laws because they are unjust
hard, boring work
describing a type of political movement beginning with people who lack political power
Great Depression
an economic crisis in the USA that started in 1929 and lasted through the 1930s
labor contractors
farm bosses in charge of hiring and paying workers
low; too little to be worth anything
the refusal to use physical force, fighting, or violence as a matter of principle
picket lines
protests in which people march or stand in lines, often waving flags or signs
a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject

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