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Amendment 4 - 14

Illinois v Wardlow
4 - Reasonable suspicion permits the police to search and seizure
Kyllo v United States
4 - Thermal imaging of a home may be done only with a warrant
Mapp v Ohio
4 - Obscene Materials found - Evidence obtained without a warrant may not be used in criminal prosecutions
New Jersey v T.L.O.
4 - School officials may search without a warrant using reasonable suspicion or a violation of school rules
Olmstead v United States
4 - Wiretap with a warrant
United States v Leon
4 - Evidence obtained in good faith may be used in a criminal trial
Dred Scott v Sanford
5 - States do not have the right to claim an individuals property - Overturned Missouri Compromise
Miranda v Arizona
5 - Law officials have to address their rights
Kelo v New London Connecticut
5 - The government can take property from someone for 'public use'
Betts v Brady
6 - Due process is not interrupted just because you don't recieve council - No right to council, if illiterate
Escobedo v Illinois
6 - When being questioned, a person has the right to an attorney
Gideon v Wainwrite
6 - Overruled Betts v Brady, Courts are required to provide attorneys for defendents who are unable to afford their own
Powell v Alabama
6 - The defendent must be given acces to council upon his or her request as part of due process - death penalty
Furman v Georgia
8 - no racial imbalance - death penalty is UNconstitutional
Gregg v Georgia
8 - Death penalty IS constitutional
Ingraham v Wright
8 - Corpral punishment IS constitutional
Wilkins v Missouri
8 - Death penalty 16+
Bowers v Hardwick
9 - Sodonomy laws are fine
Griswold v Connecticut
9 - Right to privacy
Roe v Wade
9 - Crime to get an abortion
Romer v Evans
9 - Can't have an exclusion law
Stenberg v Carhart
9 - Partial birth abortion is legal
Bakke v University of California
14 - White man - no quota- supports affirmative action
Boy Scouts of America v Dale
14 - A private organization is allowed to exclude a person from membership
Brown v Board of Education
14 - Seperate but equal unconstitutional - outlaw segregation
Civil Rights Cases of 1883
14 - The court held that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 was unconstitutional
Cruzan v Missouri
14 - Creates living will
Fargher v City of Boca Raton
14 - Sexual harassment
Goss v Lopez
14 - hearing before suspended from school
In Re Gault
14 - right of jouvenille court system
Plessy v Ferguson
14 - sets up separate but equal
Rostker v Goldberg
14 - Congress can draft men without drafting women
Sheppard v Maxwell
14 - gag order on the media - trail can be moved
Swann v Mecklenburg School District
14 - Courts can bus students for integration
Troxel v Granville
14 - grandparents have no control
Washington v Glucksberg
14 - Assisted suicide - unconstitutional