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Sentences Vocab Test #2


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Janna's parents were __________ of her problems at school, but they did not know the cause until a psychologist diagnosed a learning disability.
It's OK not to have a car in the city, where public transportation is available; but the lack of a car is a real __________ to getting around in the country.
We exclaimed with delight over our ________ hotel room, with its thick rug, brocade curtains, and gorgeous furniture.
The amount of food that's wasted in the school cafeteria ______(s) me—surely there must be some way to share all that extra food with people who need it.
Delia is __________ about nutrition. She eats mostly junk food, when she bothers to eat at all.
"Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone" is an old saying. It means that others would rather share your happiness than ___________ with you over your sorrows.
Handwriting experts __________ letters, notes, and signatures to identify the writers.
The Mitchells hope that letting their children have a puppy will __________ the children's sense of responsibility and help them develop respect for animals.
It was __________ for James to tell his new girlfriend, "I attended one of the finest colleges in the country," without mentioning that he'd flunked out.
The very funny Marx Brothers comedies are full of __________ scenes, such as the one in A Night at the Opera in which fifteen people are stuffed into a room the size of a large closet.
__________ about whether to take the subway or catch a bus, I vacillated too long and managed to miss both.
Lenore insisted that she had paid all the rent she owed, but her claim was __________. She was unable to substantiate it by producing any canceled checks or receipts.
Bodily movement results when our muscles first ________ and then relax.
The candidate's voice shook as he showed reporters an ugly cartoon attacking his wife. "________ me if you like—I can take abuse," he said. "But leave my family alone."
It seems that every courtroom drama includes a scene in which a(n) __________ erupts, with the judge pounding the gavel and shouting "Order in the court!"
When Ben asked Jenna if she loved him, her ________ response—"Oh, Ben, I love everybody"—left him more confused than ever.
Angry over a council member's racist statements, a citizens' group decided to __________ its invitation to have him speak at its annual fundraising dinner.
City supervisors said the repairs to our street would take a month, but they took almost a year. We don't know if this was _________ on the city's part, or an honest miscalculation.
Sales had remained __________ for months, so the company began an aggressive new ad campaign in the hope that merchandise would begin moving again.
"No longer will each department handle billing its own way," the boss announced. "From now on, we will all use identical forms and a(n) __________ set of procedures."
Many Spanish explorers in the 1700s lost their lives searching for the __________ "fountain of youth."
After a stroke, some people partially lose their ability to speak. Until they recover, their words come out __________ and unclear.
People often become __________ when they're nervous. Unfortunately, not only do they talk too much, but what they say isn't very interesting.
The words of the poem sounded lovely, but their meaning was __________. Even the teacher found it difficult to explain.
Although Ms. Henderson is a(n) __________ instructor, don't let her good nature make you think that she's a pushover. She's nice and friendly, but she's also a demanding teacher.
Deepak always seems to have a chip on his shoulder, and he gets angry over the slightest thing. I don't know what makes him so __________.
Jon's paper was a(n) __________ effort. He started late and then just threw some disconnected notes together. No wonder he got a D.
"We seem to have a(n) __________ of singers this year," said the chorus director. Only three students had shown up for the auditions, possibly indicating a dearth of interest in joining the group.
Before I left the office, my doctor ____________(e)d her advice to me: "Get extra rest, drink plenty of fluids, and don't worry."
"I've been hinting that my birthday would be a good time for Jeff to give me an engagement ring," Jan said, "but he seems completely __________. I don't think he gets the point."
If parents use _________ language around children, the children will most likely repeat it—not only at home but also in public, and at the most embarrassing moments possible.
Many birds sing sweetly, but crows don't—instead, they produce a harsh _________ of cawing.
Judging from the ________s the new movie has been receiving, it's sure to be nominated for several Academy Awards.
The Little League team lost the championship game, but the coach _________(e)d the kids' disappointment by taking them out for banana splits.
"Because of the ________ of the international situation," announced the newscaster, "we will stay on the air with constant news updates throughout the evening."
The doctor received a letter of ________ from the local medical association for his negligent treatment of a sick homeless man.
Jessie's apartment house is an ornate ________ dating from the nineteenth century.
Students are sent to detention for a variety of _________s, such as fighting, talking in class, or being disrespectful to a teacher.
On the day of the queen's funeral, the national radio station played only ________ music, as if to commiserate with a country in mourning.
The nutritionist lectured passionately on the folly of eating red meat. Then, tired and hungry after her ________, she went out to dinner at Steak 'n' Ribs.
The poet Elizabeth Barrett ____________(e)d on her couch for years, a semi-invalid, until she fell in love with Robert Browning and found the strength to elope with him.
My grandmother is horrified that my brother wears jeans to church. She thinks doing so is close to _________, but he says, "I'm not being disrespectful; I just like to be comfortable!"
"I am dropping out of the race," the candidate stated after losing badly in the primary election. "I have ___________(e)d all hope of becoming President."
My girlfriend and I decided to go our separate ways without _________. We both agreed that we didn't want to spend our lives together, but we intended to remain friends.
Obviously, young Jamie has a(n) __________ idea of where babies come from. She announced that her father and mother had bought her in a toy store.
Since I _________ so many compliments every time I wear this sweater, I must conclude that it is a very good color and style for me.
Some people have no respect for anyone else's religious beliefs. According to them, if you don't believe as they do, you are a(n) _________.
The appearance of a hawk in the sky _________(e)d the other birds to attack. They feared that the hawk intended to kill and eat their progeny.
Mrs. Sheridan rarely leaves her house. She is simply a harmless old ______, but the neighborhood kids think she must be a witch or a criminal.
Irina _________(e)d the contract slowly, reading every bit of the fine print and asking what the legal jargon meant. She didn't want to sign anything that she might regret later.