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Oral Roberts University

Embargo Act

A law proposed by Thomas Jefferson and passed by congress in 1807 that prohibited all American exports. The law sought to pressure Britain and France-then at war with each other-into recognizing neutral rights.


The policy whereby Britain forced people to serve in its navy. The impressment of sailors-even American citizens-on neutral vessels during the Napoleonic Wars outraged the American and was a major cause of the War of 1812.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

An exploration of the Louisiana Territory and the region stretching to the Pacific, commissioned by President Jefferson.

Louisiana Purchase

An 1803 agreement whereby the U.S. purchased France's North American empire, the vast region drained by the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, for 15$ million; it doubled the size of the nation.

Marbury v. Madison

An 1803 Supreme Court ruling that declared the Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional and established the precedent for judicial review of federal laws.`

Judiciary Act of 1801

The purpose of the ____ was to maintain Federalist control of the judicial branch against Jeffersonianism.

Barbary Pirates

During his first term, Jefferson fought a small naval war, attempting to resist the blackmail of the...


The Louisiana Purchase further weakened the power of the...

Aaron Burr

The Republican who caused Jefferson the most trouble by conspiring with General James Wilkinson and flirting with treason was...

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