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who retells the story?

the nurse

where did Jason sail too and why

colchis to find the Golden fleece

how did Jason get the fleece

medea fell in love with him and used her powers

where do medea and jason flee too


how does medea help the king?

tricks his enemy's daughter into poisoning his father

Who does Jason intend to marry


who is afraid medea is devising a plan?

the nurse

who first tells about the rumor that creon will exile medea and children

the tutor

who fears for the kids and shelters them

the nurse

who does medea wish death on

her whole family

what is the nurses first soliloquy about

wrongness of medea's desire to harm children. Preaches middle of the way life

who reasons with medea not to commit suicide?

the corus

who does medea call upon to sanction jason's death

themis and artemis

who accuses men of being foolish


what does medea's speech to the chorus address

condemn for too quickly judging and about how womens life sucks

what does madea want to happen to Jason

suffer as much as she is

who comes to the house to banish medea and her children


why does creon banish medea and children

fears she will harm his daughter

what does medea say to creon

she only ever wanted to punish jason but wont if she is allowed to stay

how does medea decide to kill


who does medea call upon to be her accomplice


what does the chorus sing about

new world order

when medea tells jason how she feels what does she say

helped him get fleece, abandoned her home, helped kill pelias, he broke vows made in front of zeus

who does jason say is responsible for everything


what does jason offer to do to help medea

write letters to his friends asking for them to take her in

who is sterile


what is medea's plan

pretend to agree with jason, ask him to keep sons, children bring glouce a poisons corset, medea kills sons

who brings news that children can stay


who says creon and glouce are dead


what happened to glouce's crown

burst into fire

what is the chariot medea is on pulled by


when does jason say he should have know medea was evil

abandoned her home

what does jason ask for in the end

bury his children

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