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I will name characters from the movie and you write in what you think it is.

Simba, Scar, and Pumba

The Lion King

Prince, King, and Queen


John Smith


Aurora, the Prince, 3 fairies

Sleeping Beauty

the crab, Flounder,


Jasmine, Abbo, Jennie


Robots, humans live on spaceship


Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland

Buzz Light year and Woody

Toy Story


A Christmas Carol

Fishes and dentists fish trying to escape

Finding Nemo

Balloons lifting a house about to be torn down


Baby sitter with "magic"

Mary Poppins

Pirates and the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean

A animal undercover squad

G- Force

a man who gets cursed into a beast

Beauty and the Beast

a man who gets cursed by a magician to a frog

the Princess and the Frog

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