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A petty officer receives general authority from what document?

U.S. Navy Regulations

A petty officer receives organizational authority from what document?

Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy

Any order imposing punishment outside the framework of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is unlawful?


A petty officer can take certain measures to correct minor infractions under which of the following articles of the UCMJ?


Extra military instruction (EMI) is classified as what type of corrective action?


EMI can be assigned for what maximum number of hours per day?


The purpose of EMI is to correct a training deficiency and deprive normal liberty.


EMI can NOT be assigned and conducted on the Sabbath.


Authority to assign EMI may be delegated to which of the following lowest levels?


A privilege is a benefit provided for the convenience or enjoyment of an individual.


From the list below which is NOT an example of a privilege?

Normal liberty

Withholding of a privilege rests with which of the following authorities?

The person that grants the privilege

"Authority should be delegated to the lowest level of competence commensurate with the subordinate's assigned responsibility and capabilities" means which of the following people is accountable for the performance of a task?

Petty officer assigning the task

Your responsibilities as a petty officer end when you are on liberty.


When an enlisted person violates a regulation in the presence of both an officer and a petty officer, who is
responsible for correcting the violator?

Petty officer

Except for a major offense, a person should be put on report only as a last resort.


When placing a person on report, you may orally notify the chain of command (COC).


The results of a preliminary inquiry of an alleged offense are given to which person?

Executive officer

Under article 31 of the UCMJ, special caution is cited for which of the following areas?

Preservation of the accused's rights

Who decides which type of courtmartial to award?

Commanding officer

Where can you find a list of offenses that must be reported?

Uniform Code of Military Justice

Hair should be tapered from the lower hairline upward by at least how many inch(es)?


Pens or pencils used for work may be worn exposed on the uniform


While in uniform women may wear both a necklace and a choker.


Chevrons on rating badges worn on the pea coat of both male and female Sailors measure 3 1/4 inches wide.


How far from the front and lower edge of the collar is the collar device placed?

1 inch

The hat device is centered on the front of the ball cap how many inch(es) above the visor?

1 1/4

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