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failure to pay loans


aid for the needy

On margin

buying stocks with loans by paying only a fraction at a time

Stock Market

a place where shares in corporations are brought and sold through an organized system

Public Works

projects built with government tax money for public use

Great Depression

1930s the us went into a serve ___

The president during the great depression

Herbert hoover

The name given to October 24, 1929

Black Thursday

Name given to shantytowns built by unemployed/ homeless people


1932 this group marched on washington demanding a payment

Bonus Army

Fanklin Roosevelt program aimed at relieving the depression

New Deal

The name of the radio show where roosevelt talked

Fireside chats

Franklin counted on this group to help him guide the nation to recovery

Brain trusts

This New Deal progect helped farmers


This act encouraged business to set abolish child labor


Prez Roosevelt had


Congress created this organization to punish dishonest stockbrockers


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