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이번에 거기 눈이 많이 왔다면서요?
I heard that it snowed a lot there, right?
네, 40센티나 왔어요.
Yes, it was up to 40 cm.
저 다음 달에 한국에 가요.
I am going to Korea next month.
이번 달에 간다면서요? 일정이 바뀌었어요?
You said that you are going this month. Is your plan changed?
저 핸드폰 바꿨어요.
I bought a new phone.
돈 없다면서요? 무슨 돈으로 샀어요?
You said you don't have money. Where did you get money?
민수 씨가 옛날에 변호사였다면서요?
I heard that Minsu was a lawyer before, right?
네, 돈을 정말 많이 벌었는데 회사를 갑자기 그만 두었대요.
Yeah, I heard that he made a lot of money, but he quit his job suddenly.
그 회사가 망했다면서요? 진짜예요?
I heard that company has bankrupt, is that true?
그러게요. 저도 어제 들었어요.
I know, I heard that yesterday.
한국 사람들은 김치를 매일 먹는다면서요?
I heard that Koreans eat Kimchi everyday, is that right?
네, 저는 김치 없으면 밥 못 먹어요.
Yes, I don't eat rice without Kimchi.
어, 여기 웬일이에요? 오늘 바쁘다면서요.
Hey, I didn't expect to see you here. You said you are busy today.
아, 네, 그게....
Oh,,,, yeah,,, that