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Mrs. Charboneau Justin M. Period 1 Study for that Mock Exam

the relationship between an object on the surface of the earth and the same object on a map projection is known as what?

C) Map Scale

what economist was the first person to predict a population crisis

A) Thomas Malthus

the hearth of contemporary country music is located around which city

D) Atlanta, Georgia

which of the following countries is not one of the four asian tigers

E) Vietnam

johann heinrich von thunen's model of agriculture land use is centered on what basic concept

A) The farmers sell all of their farm production to a market

webers least cost theory was based on what primary cost

C) Transportation

what theory suggests that in an urban setting, the farther a neighborhood is from the central business district, the greater its wealth is

D) Concentric Zone

which country has created special economic zones to attract investment

D) China

what stage in the demographic transition model has the highest growth rates

B) Stage 2

what type of survey pattern was initiated by the french in the u.s. and is still evident in the in the Louisiana region of the u.s. today

A) Long lots system

what is the name of the supranational organization established in 1960 to control the trade of petroleum production by its members

B) OPEC (Organization of Petroleum)

because of the signing of nafta there has been an increase in

C) Maquiladoras

which religion is the largest universalizing religion in the world today

A) Christianity

which of the following is an example of nation state

E) Denmark

which of the following is the name for refusing to give loans to people living in specific areas of the city

E) Redlining

edge cities wouldmost likely be associated with which urban model

D) Central business district model

what country has the largest coal reserves in the world

B) Unites States

farming today in more developed countries is in a transition period. what transittion is occuring

B) The movement toward mechanization

a retired couple moves from chicago to arizona. This is most likely an example of what geographic factor

C) Enviormental Pull Factor

Which religion is the fastest growing out of the worlds five primary religions

B) Islam

what is the name of the theory tha suggests that whoever owns the eastern european region will or could control the world, based on the agricultural and industrial production of the region

B) Heartland Theory

a family is moving from los angeles, california, to new orleans, lousiana, but stays in albuquerque, new mexico, because of the positive amenities. this is an example of what

D) Intervening Opportunity

According to acculturation, how many generatons on average does it take for an immigrant family to lose its primary language

C) Three Generations

Prior to the forst agricultural revolution, what were humans doing for food

C) Hunting and Gathering

the deliverey area of the pittsburgh gazette is an example of what type of region

A) Functional Region

the conflict in rwanda and uganda in the mid-1990s is an example of an

B) Ethnic Conflict

which of the following cities is a primate city in its country

A) London, United Kingdom

which of the following demographic data has the gratest impact on growth rates

A) Birth Rates

islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today primarily because of

A) High Birthrates

which of the folllowing countries is an enclave

C) Lesotho

the second agricultural revolution coincided with

B) The Industrial Revolution

in terms of todays global economy, which area would be consideren the resource frontier of the world

B) Soutwest Asia

whic of the following traits fits the definition of an islamic city

A) Twisted streets to maximize shade

which of the five regions is not one of the most populated areas of the world

D) South America

what two areas are the hearths of the world's five primary religions

D) Northern India and Southwest Asia

the pessimistic viewpoint about a lack of economic development in a certain loactions on the globe can be attributed to their lack of

D) Foreign Invesment

thailand is the best example of which type of political shape

C) Elongated

which of the five mean transportation would fruit production in south america for market in the U.S. need to us

C) Airplanes

the 12th congressional districts boundaries in north carolina were accused of using what tactic for political gain

A) Gerrymandering

what is the primary type of farming done in the tropical regions of brazil

B) Slash-and-Burn Agriculture

southeast asian cities have promoted economic groeth through through what primary means

C) Western Investmentand Trade

the area around the sub saharan agricultural regions is being adversely affected by what enviormental problem

B) Desertification

Eastern europe during the 1940 through the 1990s can be identified as a

E) Shatterbelt

which of the following is the best example of folk culture

C) Producing rocking chairs using traditional means

what city were the concentric zone and the sector model modeled after in the early 1900s

E) Chicago

a country enters stage 3 of the demographic transition when

B) People decide to have considerably fewer children

Which region has the fewest languages under the threat of extinction

A) Europe

The Gobi desert in mongolia uses what primary form of agriculture

E) Pastoral Nomadism

Which continent uses nuclear power for a greater percentage of its total power output than any other continent

C) Europe

Central Park in New York City is a good example of

C) A Festival Landscape

Around a local university, there are pizza restaurants, fast food restaurants and coffee shops. This ttpe of development is best characterized by the

B) Multiple Nuecei Model

The dominance of corn production in the U.S. correlates with what other agricultural practice

A) Cattle Production

The U.S. and many other more developed countries rely on what natural reasources for the majority of their electricity production

B) Coal

Which of the followiing religions is a monotheistic religion

D) Judaism

The 38th parallel in Korea is an example of a(n)

C) Superimposed boundary created by outside forces

A population pyramid looks like an upsidedown triangle. This area has a large percentage of

E) Elderly People

Who first coined the term geography

E) Eratosthenes

A fad is started by a television personality of wearingshorts with a shirt and tie. the trend spreads throught the U.S. This is an example of what type of diffusion

E) Hierarchical

Which area of the world is currently experienceing the most rapid population growth

C) Sub-Sahara Africa

Which region did not have a vegetative planting or seed agricultural hearth

D) Europe

The individual characteristic of a place that make it unique defines which of the following terms most accuratly

C) Folk Culture

which of the following cities would be classified as a world city

C) Los Angeles

A city is located on a river that is prone to flooding yet provides trade advantages that bring measurable wealth to the city. Which statement would best fit that city

B) The city has a good situation yet a poor site

The majority of the entrants into the United Nations, a supranational organization, came from where during the 1960s

D) Africa

Which statement would best fit a european city

B) European cities have their skyscrapers located in suburbs

Potato chip production is a good example of what

D) A weight-reducing industry

The largest territory in the world in terms of population is

D) Puerto Rico

Which is the worlds primary lingua franca language

C) English

The s-curve is most often associated with what geographic factor

A) Mandarin Chinese

Which crop has been credited with beginning the third industrial revolution

B) Rice

The greatest percentage of people in the world participate in which type of agriculture

A) Subsistence Farming

Which of the following terms is not associated with the Hindu religion

E) Mecca

Which of the following best describes the urban hierarchy of the settlements

A) Hamlet, Town, City, Metropolis

Los Angels receives goods from via ships. In the portsa, the goods are put on trains for distrbution around the U.S. Los Angeles is a(n)

A) Break of Bulk Point

The border between the U.S. and Canadaalong the 49th parallel is a good example of what kind of boundary

B) Antecedent Boundary

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