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What was the impact on Confucianism of the Tang repression of the Buddhists?

Confucianism emerged as the central ideology of Chinese Civilization until the 20th century

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the position of the scholar-gentry under the Song Dynasty?

The ascendancy of the scholar-gentry over the aristocratic & Buddhist rivals was fully secured in the Song era.

What caused the fight of the Song Dynasty from their capitol in Northern China?

The invasions of the Jurchens who had formed the Qin Kingdom

What group was responsible for the fall of the Song Dynasty in 1279?


The Dynasty that ended the period of political chaos after the fall of the Qin-Han was the...


Wang Anshi, a prime minister in the 1070s & 1080s attempted to reform Song government on the basis of what Confucian school thought of


The period of political disorder & chaotic warfare that followed the Qin-Han era is referred to as the

Era of Division

What led to the downfall of the Sui Dynasty?

Excessive expenses associated with grandiose building projects & military campaigns

Which of the following was NOT a technological innovation of the Tang-Song Era?


Which of the following statements concerning urbanization in China during the Tang-Song Era is most accurate?

Chinese urbanization mushroomed during the Tang-Song Era with higher proportion of the population living in cities than that found in any other contemporary civilization

What appears to have been the primary concerns at the imperial Japanese court at Heian?

Social conventions & original verse

What was Japanese response to its first contact with Chinese culture?

The Japanese borrowed Chinese practices but didn't adopt them

What was an enduring characteristic of Japanese government?

Emperor who reigned as a figure head while another power ruled

In what area did the Heian court of Japan advance?

Art, culture, and etiquette

Which of the following statements concerning the relationship of the imperial court to the provincial military elite is most accurate?

in the absence of an imperial force, law & order broke down leading both the emperor and high officials to hire provincial lords and their military retainers

What title was given to the military lead of the Bakufu of Kamukara?


What was the religious preference of the Korean elite?


Victory of the Minamoto in 1185 led to the creation of

the Bakufu, or military government of Kamu

What was the political result of the wars that destroyed the Ashikaga Shogunate?

Division of Japan into 300 little states under the Daimyos

What was the relationship between the Ashikaga Shogunate and the emperor?

Ashikaga Shogunate fought emperor at Kyoto who refused to recognize their authority & drove him to the mountain town of Yoshino while setting up a puppet emperor in Kyoto

What regions of Asia were most drawn to Chinese cultural & political models?

The agrarian societies on the East & South

Which of the following statements concerning the society and economy of the warlord era in Japanese history is most accurate?

Despite political chaos, improvements in agricultural techniques and incentives led to occupation of previously uncultivated areas

Which of the following was a critical factor in the failure of the Chinese to hold or assimilate the Vietnamese

the failure of Chines cultural imports to make an impact on the peasantry

What is the name of the nature spirits of Japan?


How did the principles of warfare change under the Daimyos?

Scientific warfare based on spying, timely assaults, wise command and organization of massive armies replaced heroic combat

What group so threatened the security of the Japanese imperial court in the 8th century that the imperial family moved to Heian?

Buddhist Monks

Which of the following statements concerning the status of women during the era of the Daimyos is most accurate?

While daughters of the Bushi often received some martial training, under the Daimyos women were excluded from inheritance & treated ad defenseless appendages of their warrior fathers and husbands

Warrior leaders in the 10th century in Japan who controlled provincial areas and ruled from small fortresses in the countryside were called


What caused a decline in the military reputation of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty in China?

the failure of expeditions against the Japanese

Which of the following was NOT one of the positive aspects of Chinggis (Ghengis) Khan's imperial rule?

He ordered the creation of huge pasture in Northern China for the use of the Mongol clans

Which of the following statements concerning the Yuan Social order is most accurate?

Muslims and central Asian allies ranked below the Mongols

Which of the following statements concerning the Mongol conquest of Song China is most accurate?

Song China proved one of the toughest areas for the Mongols to conquer, taking from 1225-1279 to subdue

Which Khanate undertook the task of conquering Russia?

Golden Horde

What accounts for the growing political dominance of Moscow under Mongol rule?

Then princes of Moscow collected tribute for the Mongol Khans and became the seat of the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church

What was the most critical shifts that allowed civilization to dominate nomadic people after the 15th century?

The demographic blow to nomadic population caused by the Black Death

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