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"Night" vocab

Hostility towards Jews as an ethinic or religious group, social economic and political discrimination.
Civil Rights
Personal andd property rights guaranteed by the constitution and by law.
The Civil Rights Movement
The post World War II. Struggle to end legal segregation and racial discrimination. led by African Americans.
Action based on prejudice or racist beliefs that results in unfair treatment of individuals or groups
The deliberate and systematic attempted annihilation of a rathional group of people.
Originally, a section of a European city in which all Jews were to live. Today, a section of a city where single minority group to which the group is restricted socially or economically.
Hate Crime
A crime of violence, property damage or threat that is motivated by an offender's bias.
The Holocaust
took place in Europe between 1932 and 1945 Six million Jews were murdered. Millions of non-Jews, including Oma and Sintic Gypsies, Serbs, political, dicsidents, people with disabilities, homosexual were also persecuted by the Nazis.
A preconceived attitude. Formed without adequate knowledge.
The deliberate spreading of ideas of information, true or untrue; with the purpose of manipulating public opinion.
Beliefs based on perceived 'racial' superiority and inferiority. A system of domination that is plaued out in everyday interactions.
individual or group unfairly blamed for problems not of their making
A simplistic belief about individual characteristics generalized to all people.
Opinions and practices differ from one's own. The commitment to respect.