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public speaking questions and answers

The primary purpose of speechmaking is to demonstrate your command of the topic.


Although most of the process of audience adaptation occurs as part of preparing a speech, a speaker may still need to adapt her or his remarks to the audience during the presentation of the speech.


Every speech contains two messages—the one sent by the speaker and the one received by the listener.


Ethnocentrism means that audiences typically approach speeches by asking, "Why is this important to me?"


Informative speeches about processes are usually arranged in chronological order.


A lawyer urging a jury to acquit her client is an example of informative speaking.


"To inform my audience how to create their own blog" is a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a process.


Informative speakers need to work as hard as persuasive speakers at relating the topic directly to the audience.


If you find a topic that is interesting to you, you can usually be sure that your audience will find it interesting too.


Audience-centeredness means that public speakers should

keep the audience foremost in mind throughout the speechmaking process.

Audience analysis is an important factor in which of the following?

selecting a topic
organizing the speech
choosing supporting materials
all of the above

In her speech introduction, Kaelyn asked, "Have you ever looked through old family photo albums and laughed at what people were wearing? Have you ever been amused by the bright colors, huge lapels, and crazy ties worn by characters in old TV shows? Like many of you, I've noticed the changes in fashion and feared that my effort to look stylish today may eventually be a source of amusement to my future children." According to your textbook, by seeking to create a bond with her audience through emphasizing their common experiences and fears, Kailyn was engaging in


According to your textbook, which of the following is a demographic characteristic of a speech audience?

their sexual orientation

If you were giving an informative speech to a general audience about the war in Vietnam, the most important demographic factor to consider in analyzing your audience would probably be the

Age of the audience

According to your textbook, what are the three primary factors to consider when assessing an audience's disposition toward a speech topic?

knowledge, interest, and attitude

Michael is preparing a persuasive speech for class in opposition to gun control. The most important factor for Michael to consider when analyzing his audience is probably its

attitude toward the topic.

Which of the following is an instance of informative speaking?

a banker explaining how the stock market operates

"To inform my audience about the history of Halloween observances" is a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n)


"To inform my audience about the major elements of film theory" is a specific purpose statement for a speech about a(n)


"To inform my audience about the pillars of faith in Islam" is an example of a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n)


If your specific purpose statement were "To inform my audience how to make authentic South American empanadas," you would probably organize your speech in _________ order.


If your specific purpose statement were "To inform my audience about the three major types of pet lizards," you would probably organize your speech in __________ order.


Which of the following is discussed in your textbook as a guideline for effective informative speaking?

Don't overestimate what the audience knows.

Which of the following does your textbook recommend for relating the subject directly to your audience in an informative speech?

Speak in personal terms such as "you" and "your."

Your textbook recommends using _______ in your informative speeches as a way to keep your ideas from being overly abstract.

all of the above

Which of the following does your textbook recommend as a way to deal with nervousness in your speeches?

Visualize yourself giving a successful speech

According to your textbook, saying "pas-ghetti" instead of "spaghetti" is an error in


According to your textbook, when people in one region of the country say "warter," while people in another region of the country say "water," the difference is a matter of


The study of bodily motion and gestures is part of a subject called


What advice does your textbook give for practicing speech delivery?

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