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  1. slothful
  2. sacrilege
  3. savage
  4. sarcophagus
  5. seclude
  1. a a stone coffin or chest-like tomb
  2. b a place to withdraw form a other's company
  3. c lazy
  4. d a wild uncivilized human being
  5. e the act of violating or acting against something sacred

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  1. a woman who has never been married
  2. evil
  3. beneficial
  4. a wonman's or boy's voice in a high range
  5. a specific order of events. time and space

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  1. sepulchura monologue


  2. squattera woman who has never been married


  3. salutationto approve authoritatively


  4. soliloquya monologue


  5. sanctionany form of greeting or welcome