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  1. spinster
  2. savage
  3. sepulchur
  4. seethe
  5. seclude
  1. a a wild uncivilized human being
  2. b a place to withdraw form a other's company
  3. c to be violently excited or agitated
  4. d a woman who has never been married
  5. e a burial place

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  1. lazy
  2. the sheath of a sword, or similar bladed sword
  3. evil
  4. one who settles on land without permission or right
  5. to withdraw from a group or orginization

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  1. salutationany form of greeting or welcome


  2. sequencea specific order of events. time and space


  3. sanctionany form of greeting or welcome


  4. salutaryany form of greeting or welcome


  5. soliloquya monologue