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  1. scabbard
  2. sequence
  3. savage
  4. soliloquy
  5. sinister
  1. a a wild uncivilized human being
  2. b evil
  3. c the sheath of a sword, or similar bladed sword
  4. d a monologue
  5. e a specific order of events. time and space

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  1. to withdraw from a group or orginization
  2. a burial place
  3. a wonman's or boy's voice in a high range
  4. the act of violating or acting against something sacred
  5. hasty, careless writing

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  1. sanctionto approve authoritatively


  2. sarcophaguslazy


  3. slothfullazy


  4. salutationany form of greeting or welcome


  5. salutarybeneficial