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Bible Test Chapter 5 Practice

Jesus' Triumphal Entry
What is the name of the event we celebrate of Palm Sunday?
the woman
At Jewish dinners it was customary for what person of the house to wash the feet of guests?
love God
What is the first/primary responsibility of all Christians?
himself; disciples; future believers
Jesus prayed in John 17 for what 3 things?
God; each other
In His intercessory prayer, Jesus prayed that God would "make us one" with who?
character; conduct; converts
What three kinds of fruit are Christians supposed to produce according to Jesus in John 15?
believed and trusted Jesus
When a trial comes into your life you can either respond like Martha or like Mary. How did Martha respond?
lack of faith; lived in the past; "if only"
When a trial comes into your life you can either respond like Martha or like Mary. How did Mary respond?
His death
When Jesus said "the hour has come...", what was He referring to?
loving people
What is the second main responsibility of a christian?
What does God use to "prune" or "trim" our souls?
training of the disciples
When Christ said that He had "finished the work" He was referring to His ___.
Jewish converts attending Passover
The Greeks who were looking for Jesus were ___.
We believe Jesus dies in AD ___.
The word "abide" literally means "___, or dwell in."
Jesus rebuked ___ publicly for his betrayal.
Jesus' death accomplished ___ purposes.
Christians are supposed to love one another with a self-___ love.
chase after
The word "persecute" means to "___."
Jesus knew who His betrayer would be before the final ___ supper.
Deut. 17:14-17 gave the law for Jewish kings
Give the first reason why Jesus choose to ride a donkey?
Zech. 9:9 prophecy about the true King of Israel
Give the second reason why Jesus choose to ride a donkey?
the temple or the Garden of Gethsemane
What are the two possible places where this prayer took place?
Garden of Gethsemane
Where was Jesus walking to with His disciples when He taught about "the vine and the branches"?
Holy Spirit
In promising a "Helper" Christ was referring to the ___.
Love the Lord you God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
What is the first and most important commandment?
Disciple that the Greeks found first
Simon the leper
Jesus dined at his house in Bethany
Asked to see a coin
There is no marriage or death in heaven
In heaven, who will be married to the woman with seven husbands?
Days of weeping
First three days of mourning
Who Jesus met with on Monday of Passover Week
Did not believe in the resurrection
The object of Christ's most fierce criticism
Pretender: actually loved money more than Jesus
Give to God what is God's and to Caesar what is Caesar's.
Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?
Was John's baptism of heaven or of men?
By what authority do you do these things?
Days of lamenting
Last four days of mourning
Anointed Christ's feet with costly perfume
Who ran to Jesus first when He arrived in Bethany?
courage; understanding; faith
The disciples showed three weaknesses in John 11. The lacked ...
How many days had Lazarus been dead when Jesus finally showed up?
They did not believe in the resurrection of the dead.
What spiritual problem did the Sadducees/Council have with Jesus?
Rome would stop the uprising by killing Jews.
What political problem did the Sadducees/Council have with Jesus?
because of everyone's lack of faith in who He is
Why did Jesus cry in John 11:35?
the end justifies the means
What phrase summarizes the utilitarian worldview?