Responsibilities in a World of Turmoil - The Cold War

What did Winston Churchill say in response to Russia cut off contact with Europe and the west?
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How long did the airlift last?A yearHow many tons of supplies did the Americans airlift a day?4,500How much did the supplies of the Berlin Airlift total to?4.7 billion poundsWhat does N.A.T.O. stand for?North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationWhy was N.A.T.O. created?to combat the spread of communism—"containment"What did the N.A.T.O. treaty provide?Mutual defenseWhat countries were included in the N.A.T.O. treaty?U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, and France (who later withdrew).What country withdrew from N.A.T.O.?FranceWhat two countries later joined N.A.T.O.?Turkey and GreeceWhat country singularly joined N.A.T.O. later?West GermanyWhere is the headquarters of N.A.T.O. located?Brussels, BelgiumWho were the candidates of the election of 1948?Harry Truman vs. Thomas DeweyWho was Thomas Dewey?Republican governor of New YorkWhat did the democrats have?strong civil rights program—elimination of poll taxes, integration of the military.Why did Truman win the election of 1948?Truman traveled 31,000 miles by train and spoke to over 6,000,000 peopleWhat was Truman's campaign known as?The whistle-stop campaignWhat did the southern democrats come up with as their own party?The "Dixiecrats"Who did the "Dixiecrats" nominate for president?Senator Strom ThurmondWhere was Senator Strom Thurmond from?South CarolinaWhat were the details of Truman's attempted assassination?two Puerto Rican Nationalists killed one Secret Service guard in attempting to kill President Truman.What were a setback in the Cold War?China fell back into communism.Who were the opponents in the Chinese Civil War?Nationalist Chinese and communist ChineseWho led the nationalist Chinese?Chiang Kai ShekWho led the communist Chinese?Mao Tze-tugWhat was the outcome of the Chinese civil war?The Communists won.Where did the Nationalist Chinese go after the civil war?The island of Formosa, now known as TaiwanWhat couple was responsible for the Russians getting ahold of the atomic bomb plans?Ethel and Julius RosenburgHow many counties make up the general assembly of the U.N.?191How many votes does each country get?1How many members (countries) make up the Security council?15What is the Big Five?The Five countries that are perms ant members of the security council.What countries make up the Big Five?U.S., Russia, Great Britain, France, China (was Nationalist China, now Communist China.)How long are the terms of members not apart of the Big Five?2 yearsWhat is the executive branch in charge of the day-to-day operations?SecretariatWho heads the Secretariat?Secretary GeneralWho is our Secretary General today?Antonio Guterres of PortugalWhat does U.N.E.S.C.O. stand for?United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural OrganizationWhat does U.N.E.S.C.O. do?Promotes understanding between nationsWhat does W.H.O. stand for?World Health OrganizationWhat does W.H.O. do?Works to nourish children and promote health, offer protection against disease, fights infectious diseases on a global scaleWhat does U.N.I.C.E.F. stand for?United Nations International Children's Emergency FundWhat does U.N.I.C.E.F. do?Works to advocate for children worldwideWhat does the International Court of Justice do?Resolves international disputes, between countriesHow many judges serve on the Court of Justice?15How long are the terms of the Court of Justice justices?9 yearsWhere is the Court of Justice located?The Hague, the NetherlandsWhat does the world bank do?Loans money for dams, power plants, and railroads. Loans average a total of $10-12 billion a year. Countries put many in the bank and recieve interest.North Korea is _______________.CommunistSouth Korea is _______________.DemocraticWhere did the American and Russian troops meet?38th parallelWhat river did the Americans almost push the Koreans to after an amphibious landing where?The Yalu River; InchonWho was the UN commander?Douglas MacArthurWhat division was forced to retreat? From where?The First Marine Division; the chosen reservoirWho led the first marine division?Lewis "Chesty" PullerWho invented the Polaroid camera?Edwin LandWhat UN diplomat won the Nobel peace prize? (First African American)Ralph BunchWhat was Eisenhower's promise?"I will go to Korea."What was Truman's campaign called?The whistle stop campaignHow many US soliders died in the Korean War?54,000What is the Taft-Hartley Act?gave the president the right to call for a "60 day cooling off period" to avoid strikes in critical industries. It also outlawed "closed shops"—only union workers in a plant and allowed right-to-work laws.Who was the first black American pro athlete?Jackie RobinsonHow long is the term of the Secretary General?5 yearsWhat did communist countries create similar to N.A.T.O.?Warsaw PactWho were the candidates of the election of 1948?Harry Truman, Strom Thurmond, Thomas DeweyWhy did the southern democrats leave the national convention?They believed in segregation.Where did Truman and MacArthur leave to discuss China?Wake IslandWhat did the national security act create?Department of Defense; Join Chiefs of Staff; Central Intelligence Agency