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Qin Shi Huang Di


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The name of first emperor of China
Qin Shi Huang Di
What did his Dynasty emerge from?
The 7 warring states period.
The First emporers real name
Ying Zheng
For protection from invading nomads. built by peasants and traders
The Great wall
The Qin the first coins in China were shaped like
Knives and spades
What did the first emperor do to get rid ideas he didn't agree with?
He staged a "burning of the books" event
What did the first emperor do to guard him in the afterlife
He built the terra-cotta warriors
What are some artefacts that Historians have to study the life of Qin Shi Huangdi?
18th century paintings and Ancient scholar's description of Qin
How many Workers were needed to build his mausoleum?
Over 100,000
Was Qin a cruel or kind Leader?
Generally a Harsh ruler, although some argue that he needed to be to organise warring states together.
What was Qin looking for when he died?
An elixir of everlasting life
What term was Qin's form of government called?
Legalism, a system that would not tolerate any opposition to his rule.
What was some things invented during Qins rule?
Coinage and a common writing script

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