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Chinese Philosophies


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way of behaving towards one another
way of behaving towards the natural world
all power to legal ruler; strict policies
Mandate of Heaven
divine right to rule China
Confucius (Kongfuzi)
founder of Confucianism
founder of Daoism
yin and yang
nature is full of opposites to Daoists; harmony is balance
founder of Legalism
civil servant
person who works for a government
the middle way
Siddhartha Gautama
founder of Buddhism
filial piety
respect for parents
Five relationships
Confucian philosophy about social order where everyone has a place and respect is paid to elders, parents, and the government. The relationships are, ruler to ruled, father to son, older brother to younger brother, husband to wife, friend to friend.
Silk Road
A system of ancient caravan routes across Central Asia, along which traders carried silk and other trade goods.

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