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You have just witnessed a dog that has been hit by a car and is now lying on the side of the road. You pull over to the side of the road, and activate the emergency lights on your car, and then approach the animal. Which is the best way to initially approach the dog?
Permanent brain damage can occur if oxygen is not delivered within _______ minutes.
Cardiac compressions for a cat 2 kg
should be preformed with the thumb located on one side of the chest and the fingers of the same hand located on the other side of the chest.
A recumbent animal needs to be turned at least every ___________ to prevent decubitial ulcer formation.
2 to 3 hrs
Defibrillation is the passing of an electrical current through the heart to
prevent the cardiac cells from depolarizing, thus maintaining rhythm.
Binky, a 1 year old spayed DSH was sent home yesterday with a meta-mason splint on her right forelimb. Her owner called to say that Binky's toes are now enlarged and cold to the touch. What should you tell the owner to do?
Tell Binky's owner that Binky's circulation may be compromised and that Binky should return to the veterinary hospital immediately.
Stella is in examination room 1 with a 2 cm laceration on her left lateral proximal hindlimb. Her owner reported that she came home yesterday afternoon with this laceration and now the owner wants the wound to be sutured closed. You tell the owner that
suturing wounds greater than 8 hours after the incident is usually not advisable.
A client calls to say she has come home to find her cat lying on its side with a lamp cord in its mouth. Your initial advice to the client is to
disconnect the plug of the lamp cord from the wall socket.
When giving intratracheal emergency drugs, they must be
given at twice the IV dose.
Fracture Healing Steps
1. Hematoma formation at sire of fracture.
2. Soft Callus formation occurs due to osteoblast activity.
3. Primary bone union occurs when fracture is completely immobilized an blood vessels across the gap in the bone cortex
Ehmer Sling
used to prevent weight bearing of rear limb
Spica Splint
used to immobilize elbow, stifle, shoulder or hip
Robert Jones Bandage
external splint applied to a limb for the temporary support of a fracture before surgical intervention can occur. It is used to treat many canine and feline limb injuries
Physical Therapy
dry heat applied to an area can reduce pain and muscle spasm
laser therapy
applied to an area can reduce pain, muscle spasm and help to increase speed of healing.
Recumbent Care
Bladder emptied 3-4 times daily.
Provide proper nutrition.
Discharge patients as soon as possible.
difficult or labored breathing
temporary absence of spontaneous breathing