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MGT 3013 Test 2

A ____ and _____ experience are fast becoming prerequisites for managerial success.

global mind-set; international

Today's companies compete in a ____.

borderless world

Companies that think ____ have a competitive edge.


In which stage, market potential is limited to home country, with all production and marketing facilities located at home?


In the ____ stage a company usually adopts a multidomestic approach.


Global Dandelion, with marketing and production facilities located in many countries, is participating at what stage in the international arena?

Multinational stage

Quality-cast Telecom with an international division would be participating in what stage of the international arena?

International stage

The process of globalization typically passes through all of the following stages EXCEPT

interdomestic stage

Stateless stage is also referred to as the ____ stage.


Color Copiers operates in the true global fashion, making sales and acquiring resources in whatever country offers the best opportunities and lowest cost, what stage of international development is it in?

Stateless stage

Which of the following refers to engaging in the international division of labor so as to obtain the cheapest sources of labor and supplies regardless of country?


The Maquiladora industry along the Texas-Mexico border uses cheap labor for assembling products. This lowers the price for U.S. consumers and is an example of


Most firms begin with which strategy to enter foreign markets?


Which of the following is an entry strategy in which the organization maintains its production facilities within its home country and transfers its products for sale in foreign markets?


What is exporting?

The barter of products for products, often used in developing nations.
Items produced in the home country for sale in foreign markets.
All of the above

A form of exporting to less-developed countries is called


Heincken begins by exporting its product into new markets, and then ____ to a local brewer to establish its position in the market.


Which of the following is a form of franchising?


Your company is interested in producing and marketing a line of coffee that will penetrate the Chinese market. Your firm is willing to supply the equipment, products, product ingredients, trademark, and standardized operating system. What type of strategy are you going to use?

A franchise

Which of the following pairs of alternatives closely resemble each other in the amount of ownership, control and risk obtained in operating international businesses?

Franchising/ licensing

A foreign subsidiary over which an organization has complete control is called a

wholly owned foreign affiliate

The Write Pens, Inc. wants to reduce transferring costs by producing closer to the consumer in a foreign country. This will also help in reducing transportation and storage costs. Which strategy would be the best to use given the circumstances?

Direct investing

Go RVing, a U.S. company, built a subsidiary from scratch in England. This is an example of

greenfield venture

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama is an example of a ___?

greenfield venture

As a first step into international business, which two countries are most companies going to today?

China and India

____ is the most widespread approach to international involvement in China and India


The management of business operations conducted in more than one country is called

international management

___ aspects of management do not change when doing business internationally.

Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Leading.
All of these

Language, values, religion, and education all describe which dimension in the international environment?


In international operations, the economic environment represents all of the following factors EXCEPT

Laws and regulations

Resource development, infrastructure, and exchange rates all describe which dimension in the international environment?


In international operations, the economic environment includes


Which of the following is a sociocultural factor in the international environment?


____ is normally used to classify countries as developed or developing

Per capita income

____ generally are located in Asia, Africa and South America.


A country's physical facilities that support economic activities make up its ____.


If you built a computer company in Africa and then found that your product was having difficulty being distributed to customers because of the road system, your problem would be related to

an inadequate infrastructure

Your grocery store in India is having trouble getting the local farmers to supply you with the proper produce. This is a problem with India's

resource market

Exchange rates are included in which of the following international environments?

The economic environment

Which of the following refers to the rate at which one country's currency is exchanged for another country's currency?

Exchange rate

Assume that until yesterday, one U.S. dollar could be exchanged for 85 Japanese yens. Today, a dollar gets you 201 yens. Which of the following statements is true?

U.S. goods will be more expensive in Japan

The legal-political environment, in international operations, includes which of the following?

Political risks

Political risk is defined as an organization's risk of ___ due to politically based events or actions by host governments.

loss of assets, managerial control, earning power
All of these.

A company's risk of loss of assets, earning power, or managerial control due to politically based events or action by host government is referred to as

political risk

Rooftop International, Inc. buys insurance against host government takeover when investing in foreign countries. This is an example of which sector of the international environment?


Which of the following is NOT a legal-political factor in the international environment?


A foreign terrorist kidnaps your firm's marketing VP while the VP is in the host country. This is a harsh example of

political risk

A nation's ___ includes the shared knowledge, beliefs and values, as well as the common modes of behavior and ways of thinking, among members of a society.


Cultural factors in foreign countries are ____ the political and economic factors.

more perplexing than

____ refers to the degree to which people accept inequality in power among institutions, organizations and people.

Power distance

Countries whose social values reflect low power distance

expect equality in power

A loosely knit social framework in which individuals are expected to take care of themselves is called


Collectivist values are represented in the social framework of which of these?


Austria's cultural preferences is for achievement, heroism, assertiveness and material success. This would be considered


___ refers to a value characterized by people's intolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity and resulting support for beliefs that promise certainty and conformity

Uncertainty avoidance

Which of these reflects a cultural preference for cooperation, group decision making, and quality of life?


One of Hofstede's social values that is not well known is

long-term orientation

Recent research by the GLOBE project has extended ____ research and offered new insights for managers.


All of the following are cultural dimensions as defined by the GLOBE project, except:


In countries where women are often in positions of high status, the Globe Project would describe that culture is high in ____.

gender differentiation

A country that places emphasis on fairness and values kindness would be described by the Globe Project as high in

gender differentiation

According to Manager's Shoptalk in Ch.4, what does the gesture of scratching one's head usually mean in Russia?

"I'm confused or skeptical."

According to Manager's Shoptalk in Ch.4, one of the most universal gestures is:

A smile

Which of the following is defined as a culture in which communication is used to enhance personal relationships?

High-context culture

Which of the following countries possesses a high degree of assertiveness?


Which of the following countries possess a low degree of gender differentiation?


Which of the following countries possesses a high performance orientation?


Countries that use several languages

have linguistic pluralism

In a(n) ____, people use communication primarily to exchange facts and information

low-context culture

A ___ interaction requires more time because a relationship has to be developed, and trust and friendship must be established


A cultural attitude marked by the tendency to regard one's own culture as superior to others is called


When organization managers have a(n) ____ attitude, they value employees as an end in themselves.


When organization managers have a(n) ___ attitude, they treat employees as resources to be used.


How many nations signed on for negotiation when GATT was created in 1947?


The European Union has expanded to a ____ nation alliance


Which of the following as a goal to guide the nations of the world toward free trade and open markets?


The ___ is a single European currency that replaced 12 national currencies and unify a huge marketplace.


In 1994, NAFTA merged with the United States, Canada and Mexico into a megamarket with more than than ____ million consumers.


Which organization originated and supports the idea of small businesses operating on a global level?


Carrie's Car Care receives more than 25% of its total sales revenues from operations outside of the United States. Carrie's would be considered a

multinational corporation

Which of the following characteristics distinguish a multinational corporation?

All of these

Which of the following companies place an emphasis on their home countries?


___ places an emphasis on a worldwide perspective.

Geocentric companies

All of the following are components of cultural intelligence, EXCEPT:


Which of the following refers to the frustration and anxiety that result from constantly being subjected to strange and unfamiliar cues about what to do and how to do it?

Culture shock

In relationship-oriented societies, leaders should

take a strong personal interest in employees

Concerning decision making, American managers working in Mexico often don't ___.

explain themselves

Managers in foreign countries, when things go wrong, are often unable to

get rid of an employee who is not working out.

Which of the following refers to the code of moral principles and values that govern behaviors with respect to what is right and wrong?


An organization's decision to produce a new product is in the

domain of free choice

The decision by the CSX to downsize and reduce its labor force is in the

domain of free choice

A new drug has not been approved by the FDA to sell in the U.S. because further testing is needed. The company has a chance to sell its product in another country immediately to start recovering the costs of R & D and production three years ahead of time. This example places the decision in which of the categories from the text?

The ethical domain

Which of the following is a(n) is the individual who must make an ethical choice in an organization?

The moral agent

Sharon is a manager at Softest Tissue Corporation. She is faced with an interesting problem. One of her employees has been cheating the company out of expense money. Sharon must decide whether or not to fire this employee. In this role, Sharon is acting as

a moral agent

The assumption that "if it's not illegal, it must be ethical" ignores which of the following?

Domain of ethics

A situation that arises when all alternative choices or behaviors have been deemed undesirable because of the potentially negative ethical consequences, making it difficult to distinguish right from wrong, is considered

an ethical dilemma

A normative approach to ethical decision making

uses various approaches to describe guiding values for decisions

Which approach is the ethical concept that moral behaviors produce the greatest good for the greatest number?


Robbie's Robots decided to continue operations at one plant while shutting down another. The decision was justified on the basis of what was the best for the total corporation. This is an example of the

utilitarian approach

Caleb is a manager at Computer-Care Company. He is expected to consider the effort of each decision alternative on all parties and select the one that optimizes the satisfaction for the greatest number of people. This is an example of

utilitarian approach

Which ethical approach are companies citing to justify their policing of employee's personal habits on and off the job, such as alcohol and tobacco consumption?

utilitarian approach

The ____ ethic was the basis for the state of Oregon's decision to extend Medicaid to 400,000 previously ineligible recipients by refusing to pay for high-cost, high-risk procedures.


When everyone is pursuing self-direction, the greater good is ultimately served because people learn to accommodate each other in their own long-term interest is an example of ____.

Individualism approach

Which of the following is NOT a normative ethics approach?

Social responsibility approach

The golden rule "do unto others as they would do unto you" is

an example of the values that guide the individualism approach to ethical behavior

Human beings have fundamental rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by another individual's decision. This ethical decision making approach is known as the

moral-rights approach

The ___ refers to the ethical concept that moral decisions are those that best maintain the rights of those people affected by them

moral-rights approach

Which of the following is NOT one of the moral rights that could be considered during decision-making?

the right to invade privacy

___ refers to the concept that different treatment of people should not be based on arbitrary characteristics.

Distributive justice

Individualism is most closely related to

free choice

___ to ethical decision-making is consistent with due process, free consent, privacy, freedom of conscience and free speech

Moral-rights approach

Sexual harassment is unethical because it violates an important part of which approach to ethical behavior?

The moral-rights approach

The ethical decision approach that requires persons to be guided by standards of equity, fairness and impartiality is the

justice approach

The moral rights approach that deals with individuals refraining from carrying out any order that violates their moral or religious norms is the

right of freedom of conscience

Sexual harassment is unethical because it violates

right of freedom of conscience

Which of the following is not a concern to managers under the justice approach?

Obstructive justice

Disk Replacement Services has just competed a procedure manual to handle employee grievances. One of the main criteria is to make it clear to employees that rules will be administered fairly and consistently. Disk Replacement operates on

the procedural justice approach

Which of these refers to procedural justice?

The concept that rules should be clearly stated and consistently and impartially enforced

The concept that the party responsible should compensate individuals for the cost of their injuries is referred to as

compensatory justice

The thinking underlying the domain of ____ is the closest to the justice approach.


Most of the laws guiding human resource management are based on the

justice approach

___ is NOT included in the model of personal moral development described in your text

All are included

In what stage of personal moral development is a person mostly concerned with external rewards and personal consequences of an action?


Most people have learned to conform to expectations of good behavior expected by colleagues, family, friends, and society. They are in what stage of moral development?


Which of these best illustrates the preconventional stage of moral development?

What am I going to get from making this decision?

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