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Reformation Vocabulary-Sermons

Attempt to 'Fix' the Catholic Church in 16th Century led to permanent split of Church between Catholics and Protestants
Rebirth of Learning centered in Italy/Led to Exploration and Reformation: New Art, Architecture, Politics, Economics, Literature created
James I
Cousin to Elisabeth I/ Inherited Throne when she died / Mary Queen of Scots son/Protestant/Sponsor of Earliest Colonies
Spanish Armada
Group of Ships sent to Invade England 1588/ Phillip vs. Elizabeth/ Failed and signaled decline of Spain
Elizabeth I
Famous and Successful Queen of England/Henry VIII's Second Child/Protestant/"Virgin"/Sponsored Raleigh and Drake
Mary I
Henry VIII First Born/Catholic Queen of England/Married Phillip of Spain/Persecuted Protestants/Called "Bloody" /Died of Cancer/Throne inherited by Sister Elizabeth I
Spain Conquerors/Led Colonization of Latin America/Largely Responsible for "Genocide" of Native Americans
Francis Drake
Elizabeth's Pirate Knight/"Golden Hind" explored and Plundered with Sir Walter Raleigh/Helped defeat Armada
Phillip II
Spanish King for 40 years/Sponsored Armada/Married Mary I of England/Tried to defeat Elizabeth I after she refused to marry him or convert /Catholic/Son of Charles V
Sir Walter Raleigh
Elizabeth I Boy Toy/Knight/Explorer/Founder of Roanoke/Named "Virginia" after Elizabeth I and Explored East Coast of North America/Lost favor with James I and executed
English Lost Colony in NC/"Croatan" ony clue/ Disappeared during War with Spain/HISTORY MYSTERY
In Early 16th century, Broke off from Catholic Church and Formed new Christian Churches such as Lutheran, Calvinist, Anglican
Leader of Catholic Church centered in Rome /Leo X and Clement VII were leaders in the critical early Reformation Period
Counter Reformation
Catholic Response to the Reformation, attempted to answer criticisms of Protestants and Reform Church/formed missionary groups to "Combat" protestant teachings
Monastic Order/ led the Counter Reformation/Founded by Spanish soldier turned priest to convert people around the word to Catholicism/Pope's "Army"
Group or Body sent to Covert others to their Religion/ traveled with Conquistadors and others to bring new Christians to Catholicism in the Americas
Martin Luther
German Monk/Questioned the Practices of the Catholic Church/Esp. INDULGENCES/Became Reformation Leader/Founder of 1st Protestant Church
Henry VIII
King of England in Reformation Era/ "Defender of the Faith"/ eventually defied Pope over Divorce/ Founder of Church of England (Episcopal or Anglican) / 6 Wives/ 3 children all become Kings or Queens
John Calvin
Founded a second Protestant Sect in Geneva (Switzerland)/converted Many French Protestants called Huguenots/Predestination/ Churches influenced by him include: Reformed, Congregational and Presbrytarian
Treaty Of Tordesillas
Pope jumps into the Exploration Game/ Divides New World for Catholics by creating Map gifting them rights: Portugal and Spain.
Ferdinand and Isabella
Ruled Unified Spain/Sent out Columbus/Parents of Charles V/Catholics/ Stared Spanish New World Colonization and sponsored early Conquistadors
War of the Three Henries
France's Religious Wars divided between two Catholic factions and a Protestant trying to rule France/ A Civil War/ Valois vs. Guise vs. Navarre
Charles V
Henry III of Valois
Henry of Navarre
Henry of Guise