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  1. What is the capacity of STM?
  2. Neurotransmitters
  3. How can pseudo memories be formed?
  4. What are recessive genes and when are they expressed?
  5. What are the different experiences of boys who mature earlier than their peers and girls who mature earlier than their peers?
  1. a A gene whose influence will be expressed only when it is paired with a second recessive gene
  2. b Power of suggestion, hypnosis, whenever you rethink the event
  3. c Early maturing boys is generally beneficial enhances self image, better at sports and socially, they tend to be more relaxed, dominant, self assured, and popular.
    Early maturing girls are usually less popular, and have poorer self image, more likely to engage in early sex
  4. d 12 seconds
  5. e Any chemical released by a neuron that alters activity in other neurons

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  1. Adolescence is the culturally defined period between childhood and adulthood. Puberty is the biologically defined period during which a person matures sexually and becomes capable of reproduction.
  2. When a child learns that when you cover an object with your hand, the object has not disappeared, it is just hidden from view.
  3. No, may be filled in by logic or guessing or new information
  4. Making measurements to discover relationships between events
  5. Clay from a ball to a snake, water from a cup to a long narrow test tube

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  1. What is intelligence?Quick, impulsive thought that does not make use of formal logic or reasoning.


  2. How do infants in this stage explore their environment?100


  3. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of cue-dependent-forgetting (or remembering).A math problem


  4. What is theory building?Drawing on results of similar experiments


  5. What is the primary difference between the somatic and autonomic nervous systems?Somatic - The system of nerves linking the spinal cord with the body and sense organs
    Auto - The system of nerves linking carrying info to and from the internal organs and glands