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  1. Please be able to recognize or provide examples of overt and covert behaviors that are studied by psychologists.
  2. visual-spatial,
  3. What is "blooming and pruning"?
  4. What is sensory memory?
  5. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of anterograde amnesia.
  1. a The first, normally unconscious, stage of memory which holds an exact record of incoming information for a few seconds or less.
  2. b Every time they hear something they didn't before the damage was done it will be new to them.
  3. c Dendrites make new connections with neurons, prunes off parts not used, more efficient to spread information around
  4. d Pictorial ability, engineer, inventor, artist
  5. e Guy shoots someone and why a guy shoots someone(his thinking and reasoning)

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  1. Poor household, bad nutrition, not enough: intellectual stimulation, medical care, emotional support.
  2. Ind - color Blue on advertising spokesperson wearing
    Depend - The belief that the spokesperson is right
  3. Form of critical thinking based on careful measurement and controlled observation.
  4. Parents are mildly disabled
  5. 23

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  1. Conventional moral reasoningMoral thinking based on a desire to please others or to follow accepted rules and values. "He shouldn't steal the drug because others will think he is a thief. His wife would not want to be saved by thievery"


  2. Why are they often inefficient for humans to use?Humans are slower then computers


  3. What are pseudomemories?Adopted kids in a house with parents and their biologically kids. Study do adopted kids IQ more closely resemble adopted parents or biological parents.


  4. What is Long-Term Memory LTM?The mental system for receiving, encoding, storing, organizing, altering, and retrieving information.


  5. What are recessive genes and when are they expressed?A gene whose influence will be expressed only when it is paired with a second recessive gene