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  1. What is Piaget's Preoperational stage of cognitive development?
  2. What do developmental psychologists study?
  3. How does language affect these children's cognitive abilities?
  4. What are mechanical solutions for problem-solving?
  5. What sort of cognitive tasks can we perform in working memory?
  1. a "mental scratchpad" briefly hold information when we are solving math problems, doing a puzzle, plan a meal or read a book, or follow directions
  2. b The study of progressive changes in behavior and abilities from conception to death
  3. c Period of intellectual development during which children begin to use language and think symbolically, yet remain intuitive and egocentric in thought
  4. d A problem solution achieved by trial and error or by a fixed procedure based on learned rules
  5. e Ability to think symbolically

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  1. Use a large sample group
  2. Poor community, rural areas, ethnic minority
  3. Parents are mildly disabled
  4. The first, normally unconscious, stage of memory which holds an exact record of incoming information for a few seconds or less.
  5. 100

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  1. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of suppression.Trying to forget a test that you failed


  2. What is random selection and what is its purpose?rigidity in problem solving caused by an inability to see new uses for familiar objects. Ex Tacks/candle problem


  3. What is the capacity of STM?The outer layer of the cerebrum


  4. What is an algorithm?The predicted outcome of an experiment or educated guess about the relationship between variables


  5. What are the effects of each environment on neural development?An enriched environment will promote learning and growing, and a deprived one will inhibit them.