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  1. What is an experiment?
  2. What is framing?
  3. What is iconic memory?
  4. How does encoding failure cause us to forget information?
  5. Synapse
  1. a Failure to store sufficient information to form a useful memory
  2. b A mental image or visual representation
  3. c In thought, the terms in which a problem is stated or the way in which it is structured
  4. d A formal trial undertaken to confirm or disconfirm hypothesis about cause and effect
  5. e The microscopic space between 2 neurons over which messages pass

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  1. Not being able to recognize the correct penny,
  2. An overall capacity to think rationally, act purposefully, and deal effectively with the environment.
  3. receive messages from other neurons and sends out messages of its own down a thin fiber called the axon
  4. Personal traits or physical properties that are influenced by many genes working in combination
  5. An accident or other natural event that allows the gathering of data on a psychological phenomenon of interest.

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  1. What is Working Memory?The mental system for receiving, encoding, storing, organizing, altering, and retrieving information.


  2. What is state-dependent learning?Memory influenced by one's bodily state at the time of learning and at the time of retrieval. Improved memory occurs when the bodily states match


  3. bodily kinesthetic,Quick, impulsive thought that does not make use of formal logic or reasoning.


  4. How many different intelligences does Gardner believe exist?Pay attention only to relevant information, ignore all other information and distractions, helps to solve problems


  5. The right hemisphere?A sudden mental re organization of a problem that makes the solution obvious.