AQA A Level Psychology - Subject Specific Vocabulary

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Agentic state
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This title describes a person who holds rigid beliefs, is intolerant of ambiguity, submissive to authority and hostile to those of lower status or members of an out-group. This may be the outcome of a person experiencing harsh
authoritarian parenting as a child. It is used as an explanation for high levels of obedience to authority figures and prejudice against out groups.
A term that refers to increased sensitivity to certain stimuli due to prior experience. Unconscious memories are stored and then activated when we experience similar situations or cues. e.g violent scenes from TV, films or even
song lyrics may be stored and when similar situations or cues occur in our own lives these memories are activated and influence or prime how we behave.
A term used in the humanistic approach to psychology, particularly the person-centred therapy pioneered by Carl Rogers. It refers to a state in which there is agreement/consistency between a person's 'real self' and 'ideal self'. He
suggested that a higher level of congruence is a sign of better psychological health.