25 terms

endocrine system

adrenocorticotropic hormone
triggers the release of glucocorticoids by the suprarenal cortex.
follicle stimulating hormone
stimulates follicle development and estrogen secretion in females and sperm production in males
stimulates calcium and phosphate ion absorption along the digestive tract
stimulates red blood cell production by the bone marrow
FSH production in males supports
maturation of sperm by stimulating nurse cells
ADH and oxytocin are hormones release by
cells hormone sensitivities are determined by the
presence or absence of appropriate receptors
use of a chemical messenger to transfer information from cell to cell within a single tissue is referred to as _________ communication
alpha cells
beta cells
delta cells
F cells
pancreatic polypeptide
what makes up the endocrine pancreas?
alpha, beta, delta, F cells
Increased blood calcium levels would result in increased
secretion of calcitonin
growth is affected by
growth hormone, thyroid hormones, insulin, parathyroid hormone, calcitriol, and reproductive hormones
cells of endocrine pancreas from clusters called
pancreatic islets (islets of Langerhans)
C cells of the thyroid follicles produce
calcitonin (CT) which help to regulate Ca+2 concentrations in body fluids, especially during childhood and pregnancy
thymus produces a hormone called
thymosins, which play a role in developing and maintaining normal immune defenses
General Adaptation syndrome (GAS)
alarm phase, resistance phase, and exhaustion phase
alarm phase
immediate flight or fight response under direction of the sympathetic division of the ANS
resistance phase
dominated by glucocorticoids
exhaustion phase
eventual breakdown of homeostatic regulation and failure of one or more organ systems
kidneys produce the hormones
calcitriol and erythtoprotein and the enzyme renin
insulin lowers blood glucose by increasing
the rate of glucose uptake and utilization'
glucagon raises blood sugar by
increasing the rates of glycogen breakdown and glucose manufacture in the liver