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A parent who offers a child a favorite snack as a reward for good behavior is encouraging a food behavior known as:

positive association.

Approximately how much water (in lbs) would be found in a 120-lb individual?


Which of the following is an organic compound?

Vitamin C

Overcooking a food is least likely to affect which of the following groups of nutrients?


A diet provides a total of 1800 kcalories, of which 45% of the energy is from fat and 20% from protein. How many grams of carbohydrate are contained in the diet?


Recommended Dietary Allowances may be based on:

Estimated average requirement

A health magazine contacted you for your expert opinion on what measure best describes the amounts of nutrients that should be consumed by the population. Your reply should be:

The Recommended Dietary Allowances because they represent the average daily amount of a nutrient considered adequate to meet the known nutrient needs of practically all healthy people.

What type of deficiency is caused by inadequate absorption of a nutrient?


Inspection of hair, eyes, skin, and posture is part of the nutrition assessment component known as:

physical examination

Which of the following leading causes of death in the U.S. does NOT bear a relationship to diet?

Pneumonia and influenza

Which of the following is an expression of the nutrient density of a food?

0.01 mg iron per kcalorie

What two major nutrients are supplied by the fruit and vegetable groups?

vitamins A + C

Which of the following pieces of information does the MyPlate graphic demonstrate?

Actual amounts of food to be eaten at each meal

According to an exchange list system, drinking one cup of milk is the same as ingesting:

8 oz of plain yogurt.

One 3-oz serving of meat is about the size of:

One deck of cards

Which of the following nutrients would be supplied in much greater amounts from whole-grain bread versus enriched bread?


When choosing a fruit drink, which option is the best choice?

100% grape juice

A food scientist is developing a new and improved cereal bar. She consults with you to ask in what order the ingredients should be listed on the food label. The ingredients are: Puffed wheat: 28 g, Dry milk powder: 5 g, Sugar: 30 g, Red food coloring: 35 mg, Salt: 2 g.

Sugar, puffed wheat, dry milk powder, salt, red food coloring

Which of the following foods is nutrient dense and also qualifies as a "good source" of calcium?

Yogurt with 150 mg of calcium

Which of the following are allowed in the diet of a lactovegetarian?

milk products and plant foods only

The process by which food is broken down into absorbable components is called:


Which of the following is a description of chyme?

A semiliquid mass of partially digested food released by the stomach into the small intestine

A bolus is conducted past the diaphragm through the:


What is the function of mucus in the stomach?

Protects stomach cells from gastric juices

Which of the following body organs does not secrete digestive enzymes?


Which of the following products of digestion is not normally released directly into the bloodstream?


What is the sweetest-tasting simple carbohydrate in the diet?


Which of the following is an example of the difference between the chemical bonds in starch and those in cellulose?

Cellulose bonds are not hydrolyzed by human enzymes.

After you and your friend Dolores share pretzels and animal crackers, she announces that she wants to start digesting her food by watching television. You inform Dolores that:

carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth through the action of amylase, so she has already begun digesting the snacks.

What is the primary organ that metabolizes fructose and galactose following absorption?


What is the primary means for degradation of soluble fibers in the large intestines?

Bacterial enzymes

In what range does RDA for dietary carbohydrate fall in order to spare body protein from excessive breakdown?


A person who is lactose intolerant is unable to produce lactase. What organ fails to produce lactase, causing the problem?

small intestine

Which of the following is a typical response of the body to changes in blood glucose?

Blood glucose levels that fall too low signal the release of glucagon.

Which of the following is NOT a feature of artificial sweeteners?

They provide about one-half the energy of carbohydrates plus small amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Lipids that are solid at room temperature are known as:


What compound is composed of 3 fatty acids and glycerol?


Which of the following describes a fatty acid with all single bonds?


What type of compound is lecithin?


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