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CME B1-L1 - Chinese Made Easier Book 1 Lesson 1

All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 1, Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.
【wáng】 [NOUN] - king; (A Chinese family name) *** monarch; <formal> grand; great.
【xiānsheng】[NOUN] - Husband; *** teacher; mister (Mr.); gentleman; sir; <dialect> doctor.
【zhàngfū】 [NOUN] - husband; *** man
【lǎogōng】 [NOUN] - Husband; Some young people refer to boyfriend this way. Note: This is an extra added word not in the CME book.
【nǚshì】 [NOUN] - (a polite term for a woman - married or unmarried) lady; madam. Note: This is an extra added word not in the CME book.
【lǎopo】 [NOUN] - Wife ; Some young people refer to girlfriend this way. Note: This is an extra added word not in the CME book.
【tàitai】 [NOUN] - Mrs.; (wife); *** madam; the mistress if a household; lady.
【qīzi】 [NOUN] - wife.
【àirén】 [NOUN] - wife ; husband; *** sweet-heart.
【xiǎojiě】 [NOUN] - Miss; young lady; girl; female shop assistant; *** <informal> prostitute. Note: this term is not used so much anymore it has too much negative meaning and is not considered nice anymore.
【nín】 [PRONOUN] - you. (polite form)
【guìxìng】 [EXPRESSION] - What is (your) honorable surname?
【miǎnguìxìng】 [EXPRESSION] - My surname is .... (= Polite Reply)
【wǒ】 [PRONOUN] - I; me.
【wǒmén】 [PRONOUN] - we; us
【zánmen】 [PRONOUN] - (Inclusive) we (i.e. you & I) **** (including both the speaker and the person or persons spoken to); <dialect> I.
【nǐ】 [PRONOUN] - you (second person singular); *** you (second person plural); one; anyone.
【nǐmen】 [PRONOUN] - you (second person plural).
【tā】 [PRONOUN] - he; *** him
【tā】 [PRONOUN] - she; *** her
【tāmen】 [PRONOUN] - they; them (male or mixed form)
【xìng】 [EQUATIVE VERB / NOUN] - to be surnamed / surname; *** (A Chinese family name)
【lín】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese family name) *** forest; woods; grove; circles; forestry.
【jiào】 [EQUATIVE VERB] - To be named/To be called (by a certain name) *** cry; shout; call; greet; hire; order; name; ask; <dialect> male.
【shì】 [EQUATIVE VERB] - to be *** ;<gram.> is; am; are; were; be; been; being; correct; right; yes; <formal> this; that; praise; justify.
【měiguórén】 [NOUN] - American; *** American person; American people.
【Měiguó】 [PLACE WORD] - America *** United States of America; <domain> .us; <abbr> USA; <tel> +1.
【rén】 [NOUN] - man; person; people; *** human being; adult; grown-up; a person engaged in a particular activity; other people; people; personality; character; state of one's health; how one feels; everybody; each; all; manpower; hand.
【ma】 [PARTICLE] - (Interrogative Sentence Particle)
【bù】 [ADVERB] - not (the negative) *** no
【yīngguórén】 [NOUN] - British; *** British person; British people.
【Yīngguó】 [PLACE WORD] - Britain; *** Great Britain; England; United Kingdom; <domain> .gb .uk; <abbr> GBR; <tel> +44.
【chén】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese family name); *** lay out; put on display; state; explain; old; stale; (Chen2) a surname; (Chen2) the Chen Dynasty (557-589) one of the Southern Dynasties.
【lǎoshī】 [NOUN] - teacher.
【xuésheng】 [NOUN] - student; *** pupil; disciple; follower.
【qǐngwèn】 [EXPRESSION] - Please may i ask, ...?; Excuse me, ...?; *** please; we should like to ask; it may be asked; one may ask.
【shénme】 [QUESTION WORD] - What?
【míngzì】 [NOUN] - name; given name
【wú】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese family name); *** the Kingdom of Wu - one of Three Kingdoms; a Surname.
【zàijiàn】 [EXPRESSION] - Goodbye! (See you again)
【tāmen】 [PRONOUN] - they; them (female form) only use when refering to a group of females
Qǐng wèn nín guì xìng? Miǎn guì xìng Wáng. May I please have your family name? (polite form) My family name is Wang
Qǐng wèn nǐ xìng shén me? Wǒ xìng Wáng. May I have your family name ? My family name is Wang
Qǐng wèn nǐ jiào shén me míng zì? Wǒ jiào Bēn jiā míng. May I ask your name ? (what's your name ? ) My name is Ben jia ming.
请问你是美国人吗?是的,我是美国人。 不,我不是美国人,我是中国人。
Qǐng wèn nǐ shì měi guó rén ma? Shì de, Wǒ shì měi guó rén. Bù wǒ bù shì měi guó rén, wǒ shì zhōng guó rén. Are you American? (May I know if you're American ?) Answer 1) Yes, I am American. Answer 2) No, I'm not American, I'm Chinese.
请问您是老师吗? 不,我不是老师,我是学生。
Qǐng wèn nín shì lǎo shī ma? Bù, wǒ bú shì lǎo shī, wǒ shì xué shēng. Are you a teacher ?( May I know if you're a teacher ?) No, I am not a teacher, I'm a student.
请问您是不是英国人? 不 ,我不是英国人,我是美国人。
Qǐng wèn nín shì bù shì yīng guó rén? Bù, wǒ bú shì yīng guó rén, wǒ shì měi guó rén. Are you British ?(May I know if you're British?) No, I'm not British, I'm American.