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  1. James Lange theory
  2. unconditioned stimulus
  3. unconditioned response
  4. retroactive interference
  5. instinct theory
  1. a we are afraid BECAUSE WE TREMBLE, different PATTERNS of autonomic activation lead to the experience of different emotions
  2. b in classical conditioning, a stimulus that unconditionally—naturally and automatically—triggers a response.
  3. c theory that states behavior is motivated by instincts
  4. d in classical conditioning, the unlearned, naturally occurring response to the unconditioned stimulus (US), such as salivation when food is in the mouth.
  5. e the disruptive effect of new learning on the recall of old information

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  1. a reason or an emotion that makes one act in a certain way
  2. the process by which the facial muscles send messages to the brain about the basic emotion being expressed
  3. very specific, systematic methods that always reach a correct result
  4. A phenomenon that no one can accurately recall events from the first three years of life.
  5. Russian physiologist who observed conditioned salivary responses in dogs (1849-1936) (CLASSICAL CONDITIONING)

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  1. phonemessmallest units of sound in the human language, like consonants or vowels


  2. heirarchy of needsMaslow's pyramid of human needs, beginning at the base with physiological needs that must first be satisfied before higher level safety needs and then psychological needs become active. (Physiological, Safety, Belongingness/Love, Esteem, Self-actualization)


  3. sensory memorythe immediate, initial recording of sensory information in the memory system


  4. GENERALIZATIONthe diminishing of a conditioned response; occurs in classical conditioning when an unconditioned stimulus (US) does not follow a conditioned stimulus (CS); occurs in operant conditioning when a response is no longer reinforced.


  5. waisstate of tension produced by a need that motivates an organism toward a goal


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