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Creating a second or third part to sing along with a melody is called


A multi-movement compositon for one or more instrumental soloists and an orchestra is called a


In tonal harmony the music moves toward a point of rest or lower tension called the

Tonic triad

In tonal music the mode that is traditionally associated with music that is sad, intense, or full of pathos.


When tonal harmony uses all 12 tones within the octave, it is called


The blues singer and guitarist who was "discovered" and promoted by folk music scholar John Lomax

Huddie Ledbetter

A temporary change of key is called a


A temporary change of key is called a


In tonal music the ___________ mode is traditionally associated with music that is happy, strong, or triumphant.


A group of three or more specific pitches that are sounded simultaneously form a


The term that describes the many varieties of popular rather than art music

Vernacular music

The approximate dates of the Baroque period in European art and music


The composer of the Spring concerto.

Antonio Vivaldi

The American songwriter and folksinger who was critical of capitalism and private property

Woody Guthrie

When tonal harmony uses just the tones that lie within a seven-note scale, it is called


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