Nerve lesions

Pt c/o pain in posterior neck and left shoulder blade, he also has trouble lifting weights with his left arm when lifting a carton of orange juice out in front of him and has noticed that his left shoulder blade sticks out like a wing. What nerve could be lesioned?
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You wake up after a very deep sleep and notice you were sleeping with your head on your upper arm. then you realize you have some weak elbow flexion and forearm supination while brushing your teeth and are experiencing some prickling numbness over the lateral forearm. What nerve could be lesioned?musculocutaneous nervemotions associated with musculocutaneous nerveelbow flexion & forearm supinationsensory associated with musculocutaneous nervelateral forearm & lateral antebrachial cutaneousA patient comes into your office experiencing some weakness with his hand movements and is unable to make an ok sign or abduct the thumb. He's also experienced some prickling numbness in digits I-III. What nerve could be lesioned?median nervemotor components associated with the median nervelateral cord: forearm pronation & wrist flexion, medial cord: thenar & lumbricals motion, lateral & medial cords: finger flexion, thumb flexion & forearm pronationsensory components associated with median nervehand sensationAfter a lot of typing to take notes over the course of the first year of medical school, a med student begins to experience some numbness & tingling in the left 4th & 5th digits especially while typing. This worsens and eventually progresses to persistent numbness and tingling and some weakness in the hands during movements. What nerve could be lesioned?ulnar nervemotor components associated with the ulnar nervefinger flexion of digits 4 & 5, wrist stabilization & adduction, all intrinsic hand motor functions except thumb abduction & opposition, 1st & 2nd lumbricalssensory component associated with ulnar nervesensation to medial aspect of hand (palmar & dorsal)after surgery to remove a retroperitoneal mass, a pt c/o weakness of right hip flexion and inability to extend the right knee. additionally they have tingling, numbness, and sensory loss over the anterior thigh & medial lower leg. Their patellar stretch reflex in this same leg is absent. What nerve could be lesioned?femoral nervemotor components of femoral n.hip flexion, knee extensionsensory components of femoral n.anteriomedial thigh & medial lower legA male patient has a non-reducible inguinal hernia. He complains of groin pain and progressive prickling numbness in the upper leg along the groin as the hernia as gotten worse. However, strength is 5/5 for hip flexion and knee extension and sensation of the anterior and lateral leg are normal. What nerve(s) could be affected?lumbar plexus sensory nerves: iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nervesA professional soccer player comes to your office complaining of groin pain for the last 3 months. His pain worsens during exercise and he notices some leg weakness especially when trying to jump. He complains of an area of numbness in the lower medial aspect of his right thigh. The patient's knee reflex and knee extension are normal but leg adduction is a 4/5. What nerve could be lesioned?obturator nervemotor components of obturator nerveleg adductionsensory components of obturator nervemedial, distal thighA patient presents to you with the complaint of trouble walking and easy tripping. He is experiencing numbness on the right lateral lower leg and the top of the foot but he does not have any hip or back pain. Upon exam, he has weakness of ankle extension & eversion with abnormal sensation over the lower lateral leg & dorsum of the foot. Foot inversion and plantar flexion are normal. What nerve could be lesioned?Peroneal/fibular nervemotor components of peroneal/fibular nerveknee flexion, ankle & toe eversion, & foot eversionsensory components of peroneal/fibular nervelateral knee, lateral lower leg & dorsum of foot, web space btwn digits I & IIA football player takes a hard hit to his popliteal region. in addition to a mechanical injury to his knee, he is now experiencing some burning and numb sensations to the bottom of his foot which is worse with weight bearing. Knee and ankle flexion of that leg are 3/5 and he is unable to spread out his toes. What nerve could be lesioned?posterior tibial nervemotor components of posterior tibial nerveproximal: knee flexion, ankle flexion, foot inversion, and toe flexion. distal: intrinsic foot musclessensory components of posterior tibial nerveposterior lower leg (sural) & plantar aspect of footA few days after childbirth, a new mother notices that she is feeling a burning and numb sensation to her labia. She is also experiencing some urinary incontinence and pain to her peri-rectal area. What nerve could be affected?pudendal nervemotor components of pudendal nervemotor function anal & urethral sphincters, erectile tissesensory components of pudendal nervesensory to peri-rectal, scrotal/labial, & penis/clitoris