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diagnosis, animals
doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) is a specialist concerned with prevention, _______________, and treatment of disease and disorder affecting ____________
independent, surgical
a veterinarian possesses legal authority to make ________________ professional judgements and to provide medical and ____________ care for animals
180 hours
minimum credit hour requirement for veterinarians
vets may have to _____________ (humanly kill) an animal that is very sick and can't get well
people skills
what type of skills are important of a vet when it comes to dealing with the owner's grief and loss?
master's or Ph.D
what degree is usually required for positions in research or teaching?
how many specialty fields?
all states, DC, puerto rico
who requires a license for the practice of veterinary medicine?
UF (university of florida)
only vet program in florida is offered at which college?
percentage of people accepted on their first attempt
october 1
deadline for VMCAS application
admissions committee
personal interview is arranged only by invitation of the _______________ _______________
GRE (graduate record exam)
admissions tests for vet
average acceptance rate
percentage of women entering vet school