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Digestive System, Digestive system

These words review the important functions and structures of the digestive system.

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An organ of the digestive system where the breaking down of food happens
A muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.
large intestine
Absorbs water and forms feces
liver, gallbladder, pancreas
organs that create chemicals that help the small intestines break down food
Breaks down toxins, such as alcohol and processes nutrients into forms easier for the rest of your body to use. Makes bile
Chemical digestion begins in the mouth where food is broke down so it is able to fit down the esophogus
small intestine
Long hollow tube where most absorption of nutrients occurs
An organs in the abdominal cavity with two roles. The first is to produce digestive enzymes . The second is to secrete insulin into the bloodstream to help regulate blood glucose levels.
gall bladder
An organ that stores bile and releases it as needed into the small intestine
digestive system
body system the breaks down food and absorbs nutrients
digestive tract
tube in which food travels
produces bile
stores solid waste
chemical digestion
breaking down food with enzymes
mechanical digestion
crushing, mashing or breaking down food

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