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  1. 2 main factors for resistance to Plasmodium
  2. Hypnozoite stage is present in
  3. Life cycle of plasmodium in mosquito
  4. How do you get malaria?
  5. What is the problem with trying to treat infected individuals with malaria? Can you eradicate the disease in this way?
  1. a After the ring stage trophozoites comes out of liver and produces all the gametocytes, the mosquito bites and ingests the gametocytes from the blood. 1. Macrogamete and microgamete form zygote 2. Ookinete develops and crosses midgut epithelium 3 Ookinete to oocyst 4. Oocyst gives rise to sporozoites via sporogony and the sporozoites go to salivary gland to be injected into host.
  2. b P. vivax and P. ovale
  3. c Mosquito bite (sporozoite injection) or blood transfusion
  4. d There will always be asymptomatic carriers
  5. e 1. Duffy Blood group in west africans protects against p. vivax 2. Sickle cell trait - the heterozygous individuals. Selected for in African ancestries.

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  1. in P. vivax and P. ovale.
  2. Where you find malaria, tropical regions like Africa, South America, Southern Asia
  3. 1. Mosquito injects SPOROZOITE into blood 2. sporozoite invades liver cells and becomes TROPHOZOITE 3. Replication by exoerythrocytic schizogony, trophozoites to MEROZOITES 4. merozoites released and attack RBCs 5. merozoites to RING STAGE TROPHOZOITES (cycles back to merozoites or macrogametocyte) 6. Macrogametocytes and microgametocytes form zygote.
  4. Quartan malaria w/ 72 hr recurring fevers. 7% of cases. ZOONOSIS only in monkeys. Invades old RBCs. Doesn't go dormant, but can exist at really small levels up to 53 years.
  5. 1. Anemia arising from RBC destruction (merozoites released) 2. Host inflammatory response (overproduction of cytokines, fevers and chills)

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  1. Plasmodium diagnosismosquitoes of the genus Anopheles


  2. Why is the immune system vital for keeping plasmodium in check?human


  3. Intermediate host of plasmodium ismosquito


  4. Main way to eliminate malaria48 hr recurring fevers, More drawn out. P. falciparum


  5. How is Plasmodium different from other apicomplexans?1. Pigment called Hemozoin 2. Apical complex lacks conoid 3. Zygotes are motile, known as ookinetes 4. Sporozoites are not enclosed in sporocysts.


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