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  1. Hypnozoite stage is present in
  2. Forms of plasmodium that are a zoonosis
  3. You catch this disease more easily during wartime because of breaks in sanitation
  4. Most pathogenic strain of plasmodium
  5. Does plasmodium have antigenic variation?
  1. a P. vivax and P. ovale
  2. b malaria - plasmodium
  3. c Yep
  4. d P. falciparum
  5. e P. malariae

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  1. 48 hr recurring fevers, More drawn out. P. falciparum
  2. End product of plasmodium trophozoite digestion of hemoglobin. It's insoluble, not toxic to parasite. It reduces macrophage function, which aid in phagocytosing and killing merozoites, so hurts immune response. Drugs can prevent hemozoin production, and thus macrophages can kill merozoites
  3. The infected RBCs bind to epithelium causes knobs and rosettes, and ruins clearance in liver and spleen
  4. children under 5 years old
  5. Quartan malaria w/ 72 hr recurring fevers. 7% of cases. ZOONOSIS only in monkeys. Invades old RBCs. Doesn't go dormant, but can exist at really small levels up to 53 years.

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  1. Main way to eliminate malariaKilling vector or preventing vector contact - insecticides, larvicides, bed nets


  2. Definitive host of plasmodium ishuman


  3. 43% of malaria casesP. malariae


  4. Why is Plasmodium not as prevalent in temperate regions and developed countries?Easier to control vector in temperature regions and in developed countries there is more money and more advanced infrastructure.


  5. John went backpacking in Asia and South America 8 years ago, and now he has malaria? How?P. vivax