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  1. The five species cause human malaria
  2. Why do Duffy antigens not help against P. falciparum?
  3. Hypnozoite stage is present in
  4. Quartan malaria
  5. How do you get malaria?
  1. a 72 hr recurring fevers
  2. b P. vivax and P. ovale
  3. c Mosquito bite (sporozoite injection) or blood transfusion
  4. d 1. Plasmodium falciparum 2. Plasmodium vivax 3. Plasmodium malariae 4. Plasmodium ovale 5. Plasmodium knowlesi
  5. e It can invade though at least 4 different receptors

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  1. P. vivax, invades young RBC's using a single receptor. The DUFFY BLOOD GROUPS or DUFFY ANTIGENs, makes them resistant . Fy=resistant. Fy^a or Fy^b = susceptible.
  2. There will always be asymptomatic carriers
  3. mosquito
  4. P. malariae
  5. 1. Mosquito injects SPOROZOITE into blood 2. sporozoite invades liver cells and becomes TROPHOZOITE 3. Replication by exoerythrocytic schizogony, trophozoites to MEROZOITES 4. merozoites released and attack RBCs 5. merozoites to RING STAGE TROPHOZOITES (cycles back to merozoites or macrogametocyte) 6. Macrogametocytes and microgametocytes form zygote.

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  1. Antigenic variation in plasmodium~50 var genes, only one expressed at a time. var switching can lead to recrudescence.


  2. How is Plasmodium different from other apicomplexans?heteroxenous - mosquito and hman.


  3. Plasmodium is vectored bymosquitoes of the genus Anopheles


  4. Intermediate host of plasmodium ishuman


  5. 2 main factors for resistance to PlasmodiumP. falciparum