9 terms

Points 5 St/Li

abdominal distention from excess
Reducing technique on: Front mu of St and Li: ren 12 and St 25, Lower he sea of st and li: st 36 and 37, for regulating qi tonify li 4 and ren 6, for damp heat tonify spleen 9
spleen xu diarrhea
Tonify the front mu and back shu of the spleen: liver 13 and ub 20, tonify the front mu of the stomach and lower he sea of stomach: ren 12 and st 36, tonify source of spleen: sp 3
kid xu diarrhea
tonify the back shu of the kidney and source of kidney: ub 23 and kid 3, tonify spleen Shu and lower he sea of stomach: ub 20 and st 36, moxa ming men points: ren 4 and du 4
"route 66": sj 6 and kid 6, front mu and back shu of li: st 25 and ub 25
acute diarrhea
li front mu: st 25, lower he sea of stomach; st 36
epigastric pain
ren 12, st 36, pc 6
deficiency abdominal pain
front mu/back shu of sp/st: ub 20 and 21, ren 12 and liver 13, qihai and st he sea: ren 6 and st 36
excess abdominal pain
ren 12, ren 8, st 36, sp 4
ren 12, st 36, pc 6, sp 4