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29 terms

La Rutina Diaria (No voy a levantarme) - Spanish 2

me despierto
I wake up
te despiertas
you wake up
despertarse (e-ie)
to wake up
me levanto
I get up
te levantas
you get up
to get up
no voy a levantarme
I'm not going to get up
to eat breakfast
suena la alarma
the alarm goes off
apago la alarma
I turn off the alarm
me visto
I get dressed
se viste
he gets dressed
vestirse (i-ie)
to get dressed
me pongo
I put on
te pones
you put on
to put on
voy a la escuela
I go / I'm going to school
ir (voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van)
to go
to yell
me cepillo los dientes
I brush my teeth
se cepilla los dientes
s/he brushes his/her teeth
me ducho
I shower
te duchas
you shower
No voy a levantarme
I'm not going to get up
Hoy no voy
I'm not going today
te acuestas
you lay down
me acuesto
I lay down
acostarse (o-ue)
to lay down
me lavo la cara
I wash my face