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ACA Photoshop Domain 5 (Publishing Digital Images Using Adobe Photoshop CS5) Review Questions


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Explain why optimizing images for the web is important.
Optimizing images for the web is important because not all users access the internet with the same speed or device. You must find the right balance between the file size, which determine how fast the image can be downloaded, and the image's quality.
Why is it important to preview your image when preparing it for the Web?
Because you need to be able to see what the image look like when it is up on the Web. You can also preview the file format, pixel dimension, file size, and optimization settings.
Why are PNG, GIF, and JPEG files resolution dependent?
The monitor resolution can vary.
Why is it important to modify the pixel aspect ratio of an image if you plan to use it in a video?
Different televisions have different pixel shape. Some are wider than others. If you make an image "normal" for a 4:3 monitor, but the television that the audience is going to view the video with that image is 5:6, the video will look much more stretched.
Explain pixel aspect ratio and how it differs from computer displays and televisions.
Pixel aspect ratio is the width to height ratio of a single pixel in a digital image. A computer display usually has a 1.0 pixel aspect ratio, making a square. A standard television will have a 0.9 pixel aspect ratio. While a widescreen television will have a 1.2 pixel aspect ratio. There are other pixel aspect ratio of computer monitors and televisions, but these are the standard ones.
Which file format is suggested for line art and logos?
Which file format supports full transparency without the need to add a matte or dither?
Which file format is suggested for photos?
Which is not a reason why PNG is better than GIF?
Supports millions of colors.
In Adobe Bridge, what is the term used for the various sections in a panel?