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  1. Northern Securities Case
  2. (William Howard) Taft
  3. Scopes Monkey Trial
  4. Archduke Francis Ferdinand
  5. Federal Reserve Act
  1. a John Scopes, a teacher who teaches evolution in school in Dayton, Tennessee, is arrested and put on trial for breaking state law. Win for the urban sector even though Scopes was proven guilty.
  2. b Roosevelt's handpicked successor who thought all trusts were bad and should be prosecuted. He breaks up the Steel Trust that was given Roosevelt's blessing.
  3. c Set up a series of regional banks to better control the flow of money.
  4. d Assassinated by the Black Hand this led to the start of WWI because he was the succesor to the A-H throne.
  5. e Theodore Roosevelt orders the Justice department to investigate and prosecute J.P. Morgan's holding company for an anti-trust violation.

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  1. Used to prosecute people who criticized the government.
  2. Court case that decides the Espionage and Sedition Acts are legal.
  3. The three tiers of entitlement Woodrow Wilson sought to battle
  4. A German U-Boat sinks this passenger ship which actually hed ammunition and gets Americans riled up.
  5. This head of the Veteran's Bureau steals $200 million.

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  1. Urban SectorView themselves as educated, scientific, and avante garde.


  2. (Theodore) RooseveltVice President of McKinely. This man is very outdoorsy and politically astute as well as an extremely strong executive.


  3. 19th AmendmentAmendment that guarantees suffrage to women.


  4. Rural SectorView themselves as educated, scientific, and avante garde.


  5. Triple EntenteFrance, Britain, Russia