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  1. Espionage Act of 1917 and Sedition Act of 1918
  2. Wilson's Fourteen Points
  3. Flappers
  4. Luisitania
  5. Northern Securities Case
  1. a Used to prosecute people who criticized the government.
  2. b Theodore Roosevelt orders the Justice department to investigate and prosecute J.P. Morgan's holding company for an anti-trust violation.
  3. c Very idealistic plan to ensure world peace, introduces the League of Nations, very concilliatory towards Germany.
  4. d Small percentage of women who challeged existing "norms" for women.
  5. e A German U-Boat sinks this passenger ship which actually hed ammunition and gets Americans riled up.

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  1. Amendment that guarantees suffrage to women.
  2. 1923-1928 Extremely conservative and Laissez-Faire. "The business of America is business."
  3. Man hired by Wilson to head the Committee for Public Information.
  4. Court case that decides the Espionage and Sedition Acts are legal.
  5. Roosevelt's handpicked successor who thought all trusts were bad and should be prosecuted. He breaks up the Steel Trust that was given Roosevelt's blessing.

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  1. (Warren G) HardingRan with the slogan "Return to Normalcy" and conveys the idea that the Progressive idea was abnormal. Surrounds himself with friends.


  2. Progressive Era1919-1933. 18th Amendment is passed, prohibiting the sale and manufacturing of alcohol.


  3. (Gifford) PinchotRoosevelt's Chief of Forest Service who sets aside 125 million acres of land.


  4. Marcus Garvey and United Negro Improvement AssociationThis man and his organization promoted the idea the Blacks needed to be independent of white society and led a back to Africa movement by establishing the Black Star Cruise Line both fail.


  5. Triple EntenteItaly, Germany Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Italy changes sides halfway through)