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  1. Marcus Garvey and United Negro Improvement Association
  2. Zimmerman Telegram
  3. Charles Forbes
  4. Teapot Dome Scandal
  5. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  1. a Telegram asking Mexico to attack America from Germany.
  2. b This head of the Veteran's Bureau steals $200 million.
  3. c U.S. becomes the police of the Western Hemisphere, because Latin American nations owed European nations money and the President wanted to make sure that European nations didn't interfere.
  4. d This man and his organization promoted the idea the Blacks needed to be independent of white society and led a back to Africa movement by establishing the Black Star Cruise Line both fail.
  5. e Secretary of the Interior, Albert Falls, leases federally protected oil fields to private companies in exchange for bribes.

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  1. Assassinated by the Black Hand this led to the start of WWI because he was the succesor to the A-H throne.
  2. 1923-1928 Extremely conservative and Laissez-Faire. "The business of America is business."
  3. All sold food must be of good value; packaging must accurately state the effects of the drug.
  4. View themselves as educated, scientific, and avante garde.
  5. Coal Miners go on strike and Roosevelt doesn't prevent them from doing so. Eventually when winter sets in and the owners still haven't met demands, Roosevelt forces them to go into arbritation on threat of nationalizing the mines.

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  1. Rural SectorThey are the true America: Chrisitan, moral, and best represent traditions of the nation.


  2. Sixteenth AmendmentAllowed income tax to replace tariffs as the primary source of income.


  3. MuckrakersJournalists and artists who used their talents to expose the underhanded workings of business and govt.


  4. Red ScareView themselves as educated, scientific, and avante garde.


  5. Northern Securities CaseSet up a series of regional banks to better control the flow of money.