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  1. Tariff, banking, and trusts
  2. Scopes Monkey Trial
  3. (Warren G) Harding
  4. Coal Miners Strike of 1902
  5. Flappers
  1. a Coal Miners go on strike and Roosevelt doesn't prevent them from doing so. Eventually when winter sets in and the owners still haven't met demands, Roosevelt forces them to go into arbritation on threat of nationalizing the mines.
  2. b Small percentage of women who challeged existing "norms" for women.
  3. c The three tiers of entitlement Woodrow Wilson sought to battle
  4. d Ran with the slogan "Return to Normalcy" and conveys the idea that the Progressive idea was abnormal. Surrounds himself with friends.
  5. e John Scopes, a teacher who teaches evolution in school in Dayton, Tennessee, is arrested and put on trial for breaking state law. Win for the urban sector even though Scopes was proven guilty.

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  1. The 1920s were politically defined by
  2. 1919-1933. 18th Amendment is passed, prohibiting the sale and manufacturing of alcohol.
  3. Roosevelt sends the Navy on a worldwide tour to illustrate America's naval power to the world--especially Asia.
  4. Assassinated by the Black Hand this led to the start of WWI because he was the succesor to the A-H throne.
  5. This democratic nominee wins the election of 1912.

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  1. Urban SectorThey are the true America: Chrisitan, moral, and best represent traditions of the nation.


  2. Wilson's Fourteen PointsVery idealistic plan to ensure world peace, introduces the League of Nations, very concilliatory towards Germany.


  3. Zimmerman TelegramView themselves as educated, scientific, and avante garde.


  4. Ku Klux KlanResurrected and repackaged as an All-American Protestant social organization.


  5. Schenk v. USJournalists and artists who used their talents to expose the underhanded workings of business and govt.


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