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  1. Teapot Dome Scandal
  2. Coal Miners Strike of 1902
  3. Triple Entente
  4. (Gifford) Pinchot
  5. Northern Securities Case
  1. a Theodore Roosevelt orders the Justice department to investigate and prosecute J.P. Morgan's holding company for an anti-trust violation.
  2. b Coal Miners go on strike and Roosevelt doesn't prevent them from doing so. Eventually when winter sets in and the owners still haven't met demands, Roosevelt forces them to go into arbritation on threat of nationalizing the mines.
  3. c France, Britain, Russia
  4. d Roosevelt's Chief of Forest Service who sets aside 125 million acres of land.
  5. e Secretary of the Interior, Albert Falls, leases federally protected oil fields to private companies in exchange for bribes.

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  1. 1919-1933. 18th Amendment is passed, prohibiting the sale and manufacturing of alcohol.
  2. Canal built by U.S. 1904-1917.
  3. Vice President of McKinely. This man is very outdoorsy and politically astute as well as an extremely strong executive.
  4. Set up a series of regional banks to better control the flow of money.
  5. What's the name of the party Roosevelt establishes in the election of 1912 when he doesn't get the nomination?

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  1. Meat Inspection Act of 1906Act declaring that all meat transported over state lines will be inspected.


  2. Sacco and VanzettiTwo Italian anarchists. They're arrested for robbery and murder without proof and are sentenced to death.


  3. St Louis Riot 191748 people get killed in this riot that resulted from competition over jobs and housing.


  4. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe DoctrineU.S. becomes the police of the Western Hemisphere, because Latin American nations owed European nations money and the President wanted to make sure that European nations didn't interfere.


  5. Archduke Francis FerdinandRan with the slogan "Return to Normalcy" and conveys the idea that the Progressive idea was abnormal. Surrounds himself with friends.


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