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Bible Lesson 6.1-6.2 Practice Quiz

Jesus was silent
How did Jesus respond to the false charges that Caiaphas / the Sanhedrin brought against Him?
What was the name of the servant whom Peter attacked and Jesus healed?
dungeon below Caiaphas house
Where did Jesus spend the rest of His night after His second trial at Caiaphas' house?
because of the way Jesus answered Annas
Why did the jailer strike Jesus across the face?
He was in charge of selling merchandise in the temple.
Why was Annas such a rich man?
Jesus had cleansed the temple twice.
Why did Annas hate Jesus?
He said, "I AM he."
How did Jesus respond when the soldiers asked for "Jesus of Nazareth"?
between midnight and 3 am
When did Jesus' first two trials happen?
he left weeping bitterly
How did Peter respond once he heard the rooster crow and realized he had denied Jesus?
Did Jesus fight back at His arrest?
kissed Jesus' cheek
What signal did Judas give for Jesus' arrest?
Who was the former high priest and still led most religious matters
Who was the high priest at the time of Jesus' trial?
Who betrayed Jesus?
Let the others go "I AM he"
What does John 18:8 reveal about Jesus' attitude toward being arrested?
Who accompanied Jesus into the palace of the high priest?
"I AM"
What did Jesus say that caused the Roman soldiers to stumble and fall to the ground?
a young girl
Who identified Peter as being Jesus disciple?
What garden was Jesus in when He began His final conquest of sin and death?
200 to 1,000
How man soldiers were in the platoon that arrested Jesus?
Annas is Caiaphas' father-in-law
How were Annas and Caiaphas related?
Who said, "Whom do you seek"?
Who had poor aim with a sword?
Who struck Jesus on the mouth for speaking bluntly to the high priest?