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Henry Ford

(1863-1947) Henry Ford is the creater of the Ford Motor Company and also created the idea of the modern assembly line. Known for the Model T which changed many aspects of life in America. Henry Ford was an extremely wealthy man at this time.

Immigration Acts, 1921, 1924

The Immigration act in 1921 limited the total number of people who could come into American. Also this stopped people from certain country to be allowed to immigrate into America. The 1924 act further lowered the percent of immigrants allowed into the country, 3%.

J. Edgar Hoover

Was given credit for the creation of the FBI. This was an advanced crime fighting agency. J. Edgar Hoover also came up with ideas such as the central fingerprinting file.

Kellogg-Briand Pact

(1928) This was a treaty that tried to prevent another world war from happening. 65 nations signed in total, but in the end it was unsuccessful.

Langston Hughes

(1902-1967) Was majorly involved in the Harlem Renaissance. Also a well known poet and American novelist. Also a main creator of Jazz poetry.

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