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James Monroe
fifth president - 2 terms, most liked thing about him was his character, hired a great cabinet and was a hands-off president
John Quincy Adams
6th pres - 1 term, Was Monroe's Sec. of State, the only president at the time not part of the VA dynasty
Andrew Jackson
7th pres- 2 terms, first to be recognized as using the spoils system, was a duelist
Rufus King
man of NY who was easily defeated for president by Monroe
Richard Rush
Sec. of State who helped settle war ships on Great lakes issue
Charles Bagot
foreign minister of GB who worked to settle Great Lakes dispute
simon bolivar
The "Liberator" from venezuela
Luis de Onis
spanish diplomat who started secret negotiations with US about FLA.
John Quincy Adams
man who wrote the monroe doctrine
Henry Clay
Creator of the American System, the compromiser, Speaker of House
John Calhoun
intro bill to fund national system of canals and roads from fed tariff money
John Calhoun
resigned as VP because he wanted to work on nullification in south
James Madison
Last act in office- veto bill for federal funding of roads/canals
DeWitt Clinton
NY politician who wanted gov to fund erie canal... "big ditch"
Robert Fulton
man who made steamboat that was 1st to carry heavy loads upstream
Samuel Slater
memorized GB spinning machine plans and traveled to US
Eli Whitney
interchangeable parts and cotton gin
Seth Thomas
applied Whitney's work to wooden clocks
James Tallmadge
NY congressman tried to amend MO statehood bill
william crawford
man of 1824 election who dropped out due to illness/stroke
John Deere
1st steel polished plow
Elias Howe
sowing machine
Isaac Singer
improved sowing machine
Francis Cabot Lowell
factory system
cyrus mccormick
mechanical reaper
Martin van buren
Jackson's 2nd VP and successor
Andrew Jackson
adopted an indian (creek) boy despite past hatred of indians
Assisted Cherokee in farming adaptation- created language and served in US army
Samuel Worcestor
assisted Cherokee in fight against GA in court
William Henry Harrison
Whig president dead 4 weeks into office
John Tyler
VP who became president #10 after previous died 4 weeks in
Nicholas Biddle
president of bank ( Jackson HATES)
Richard Mentor Johnson
Van Buren's VP
Samuel Morse
improved telegraph and created Morse Code
Samuel Colt
invented gun that could be used without re-loading
Andrew Jackson
Old Hickory