The Tennessee Valley Authority became controversial because it
A. Was the first time the federal government controlled a public utility in peacetime
B. Employed artists and writers
C. Established social security
D. Was one of the few successful social projects proposed by Hoover
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The president who used "fireside chats" to reach the American people was A. Herbert Hoover B. Franklin Roosevelt C. Theodore Roosevelt D. Warren HardingB. Franklin RooseveltElijah Muhammad A. Was the first African-American cabinet member B. Helped establish the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People C. Became the leader of the Black Muslims in the 1930's D. Headed the Youth Administration for Franklin D. RooseveltC. Became the leader of the Black Muslims in the 1930'sThe Wagner Act A. Helped raise farm prices B. Aimed at facilitating better business/labor relations C. Guaranteed bank deposits D. Raised tariff wallsB. Aimed at facilitating better business/labor relationsA founder of the Congress of Industrial Organization in 1935 was A. Samuel Gompers B. Eugene Debs C. Normal Thomas D. John L. LewisD. John L. LewisThe first female cabinet member was A. Francis Perkins B. Mary McLeod Bethune C. W. E. B. Du Bois D. Eleanor RooseveltA. Francis Perkins