18 terms

Module 6 Review

Tape measure
Used to take body measurements
Sewing gauge
Used to measure short distances in sewing
Marking Tools
Tracing wheels, carbon paper, tailor's chalk, tailor's pencil
Used to cut fabric, bent handles and extra long blades
Used to trim , usually short
Pinking Shears
Zig Zag Cutting Edge
Seam Ripper
Used to undo mistakes
Used to protect fingers while sewing
Pin Cushion
Used to hold pins
Used to hold fabric together
Presser Foot
Holds the fabric in place and feeds it under the needle
Reverse Stitch
Select this on a sewing machine to backstitch or go backwards
Spool Pin
Place at top of machine that holds thread spools in place; is the first step of the thread being evenly threaded through the machine.
Hand Wheel
Moving this makes the take-up lever and needle go up and down
Thread Guides
Metal hooks and loops used to guide the upper thread through the machine as the machine is threaded helping the thread to feed smoothly through the machine.
Overlapping stitches, used at beginning and end of sewing to help strengthen the stitching
Buttons, hooks, zippers, snaps, etc.
Basting Stitch
Quick, temporary stitch intended to be removed later