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Feelings - Facing Difficulties

(adj) feeling angry because of being unable to do something

I am frustrated with my slow progress in Russian.
(adj) unable to move (literal or figurative)

Nothing in my life is changing no matter what I do - I'm stuck.
(adj) having no hope for good things to come

With no money, friends, or job, I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now.
(adj) having no energy or spirit

I'm really listless today - I can't even get started on my tasks.
(adj) feeling sad and hopeless

I'm worried about Joe - he's seemed really depressed for a long time and nothing makes him feel better.
(adj) having too many tasks or responsibilities

We have so much to do to get ready - we're really overwhelmed.
(adj) feeling extreme emotional pain

When my niece drowned, her whole family was devastated.
(adj) feeling that you're in a bad situation and can't get out of it

My job is horrible, but I need it to pay the bills - I'm trapped!
(adj) feeling less confident, hopeful, determined

I thought I was doing well at work, but my boss just told me I wasn't. I'm feeling pretty discouraged now.
(adj) feeling extremely scared

My daughter is terrified of dogs because she thinks they're going to bite her.

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