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CME B1-L2 - Chinese Made Easier Book 1 Lesson 2

All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 2, Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.
【huáng】[STATIVE VERB - NOUN] - yellow (color); (A Chinese Family name); ** sallow; short for the Huanghe River; fizzle out; fall through; **; **; ****ography.
【nǐhǎo】 [EXPRESSION] - Hello!; How do you do?; *** how are you.
【Liú】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese Family name)
【nà / nèi】 [SPECIFIER] - that.
【dōngxī】 [NOUN] - things; goods; personal posessions; *** east and west; from east to west; creature.
【zhè / zhei】 [SPECIFIER] - this; *** now.
【fěnbǐ】 [NOUN] - chalk.
【qǐng】 [ACTION VERB] - please ...; to ask to ...; to invite; *** request; engage.
【gěi】 [ACTION VERB] - to give (to); grant; let; allow.
【hǎo-bù-hǎo】[EXPRESSION] - How about it?; Okay?; (Is that a good idea?)
【hǎo】[EXPRESSION] - O.K.; Alright; *** good; fine; nice; friendly; kind; be in good health; get well; be easy; is easy to answer; so as to; so that.
【xièxiè】 [EXPRESSION] - Thank (you); Thanks!
【bùxiè】 [EXPRESSION] - <polite> Don't mention it; You're welcome.
【yào】 [ACTION VERB] - to want; *** important; essential; want; ask for; wish; desire; ask (or want) somebody to do something; want to; wish to; must; should; it is necessary
(or imperative / essential); shall; will; be going to; need; take; <conj.> if; suppose; in case.
【shū】 [NOUN] - book(s); *** write; style of calligraphy; script; letter; document.
【shéi / shuí】 [QUESTION WORD] - who?; *** someone; anyone.
【yǒu】 [ACTION VERB] - to have; *** there is; exist.
【méiyǒu】 [ACTION VERB] - to not have; *** there is not; be without; not so ... as; less than.
【yě】 [ADVERB] - also; too; *** as well; either.
【hái】 [ADVERB] - also; too; *** still; yet; even more; still more; as well; in addition; passably; fairly; even.
【bǐ】 [NOUN] - pen(s); *** technique of writing, calligraphy, or drawing; write; stroke; touch
【yuánzhūbǐ】 [NOUN] - ball-point-pen; *** ball-pen.
【lǐ】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese family name); *** plum.
【zǎo】 [EXPRESSION] - Good morning! (litersally means early); *** (early) morning; long ago; as early as; for a long time; early; in advance.
【bēizi】 [NOUN] - cup; glass; tumbler; mug..
【duìbùqǐ】 [EXPRESSION] - Sorry!; I beg your pardon!; *** I'm sorry; excuse me.
【méiguānxi】 [EXPRESSION] - It doesn't matter! Never mind; *** it's nothing; that' all right.
【méishìr】 [EXPRESSION] - It doesn't matter! Never mind; *** have nothing to do; be free; be at a loose end; it's nothing; that's all right.
【jiàoshì】 [NOUN] - classroom; *** schoolroom.
您好,请问那是什么东西 ?那是粉笔。
Nín Hǎo , Qǐnɡ Wèn Nà Shì Shén Me Dōnɡ Xi ? ---- Nà Shì Fěn Bǐ 。 Hello, may is ask what that is? ----That's chalk.
请你给我杯子好不好?---- 好,给你。---- 谢谢。---- 不用谢!
Qǐnɡ Nǐ Gěi Wǒ Bēi Zi Hǎo Bu Hǎo ? ---- Hǎo , Gěi Nǐ 。 ---- Xiè Xiè 。 ---- Bú Yònɡ Xiè !Would you please hand me the cup ? ----Ok, Here you are. ----Thank you. ---- You're Welcome!
谁要书?---- 我要书。---- 你还要什么?---- 我还要圆珠笔。
Shuí(or Shei) Yào Shū? ---- Wǒ Yào Shū。 ---- Nǐ Hái Yào Shén Me? ---- Wǒ Hái Yào Yuán Zhū Bǐ。 Who wants a book? --- I do. --- What else do you want? (anything else?) --- I also want a ballpoint-pen.