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Test to see if you are a true ADDICT

What type of magic do Gajeel, Wendy and Natsu use ?

Dragon slayer magic

What type of wizards are celestial wizards?

Holder type

The true identity of Jellal Fernandes ?

King of Edolas/ Mystogan/ Siegrain

At the beginning of the Fairy Tail series how many Gold Keys did Lucy have?


What spell did Master Makarov use to kill master Jose,of Phantom lord?

Fairy Law

How many grand spells(legendary magic) belong to fairy tail?


Loke's true identity ?

One of the spirits of the zodiac :Leo

What is specialty of the Raijin Tribe members ?

Their eyes

What dark guild did the Raijin Tribe destroy ?

Ghoul spirit

Name of Gray's teacher's daughter.


A legendary wizard who created Lullaby and Deliora ?


What weapon does Erza Knightwalker use in Edolas ?

The 10 Commandments

The dragon that trained Wendy?


Dragon that trained Gajeel?


Dragon that trained Natsu?


Erza's nickname


Why was Erza named Scarlet ?

Because of her hair colour

Laxus's father's name


The guilds that went after Orasion Seis

Fairy tail,Catshelter,Blue Pegasus ,Lamia scale

Cathedral found in the middle of Magnolia?

Kardia Cathedral

How did Lucy get her spirit, "Gemini?"

She defeated an opponent that had that spirit.

Who was Jellal taken over by?


What are the names of the fake dragon slayers that were encountered in the anime?

Cobra and Laxus.

How were the guild members able to stop Nirvana?

To break the six lacrima simultaneously.

Name Erza's childhood friends from The Tower of Heaven, or The R-System.

Jellal, Wally, Millianna, Shou and Simon.

How does Lucy manage to defeat the Oracion Seis member, "Angel?"

Using "Urano Metria," a very powerful spell given to Lucy by Hibiki.

Why was Laxus kicked out of the guild?

Because he began the, "Battle of Fairy Tail," which put the members in danger.

What was the name of the book that Lucy and Natsu were set to destroy?


Name the members of Element 4.

Juvia, Aria, Sol, Totomaru

How was the cursed tribe from Galuna Island cured?

In reality, they were not, they were actually true demons.

How was the Erza Edolas counterpart's magic different from Earthland Erza's magic?

Erza Edolas's counterpart could only change the shape of her weapon while earthland Erza could change into different armor as well as a different weapon.

How did Lucy get her name?

It was the mistake of a guild sign.

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