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questions from practice test


A(n) ________ contains a list of commands from which a user makes selections


A(n)__________ is a rectangular area of the screen that displays data and information

dialog box

A(n)____________ is a window that provides information, presents available options, or requests a response


A feature of word processing software called______allows users to type words in a paragraph continually without pressing the ENTER key at the end of each line


Sequence of keystrokes and instructions that a user records and saves


A cable ___allows access to high-speed Internet services through the cable television network


______is a technology that provides high-speed internet connection using regular copper telephone lines


A(n) ________provider is a business that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet for free or for a fee


Each electronic document on the Web is called a Web ________, which can contain text, graphics, audio (sound) and video.


To find a Web page the user of a resource like that in the accompanying figure, would simply enter a word or phrase, called ________, in the search engine's text box.


Many pages like those in the accompanying figure use a program, called a(n) _______ to build and maintain lists of words found on Websites.


______is the process of transferring data in a continuous and even flow, which allows users to access and use a file while it is transmitting.

document that contains the formatting necessary for a specific document type

Template is?


To ________ a document means to make changes to its existing content


Many large companies use the term, _______ computing, to refer to the huge network of computers that meets their diverse computing needs


A_____is an input device that converts printed material to a form the computer can use.

USB flash Drive

A_____is a portable storage device that has much greater storage capabilities than a floppy disk, but is small and lightweight enough to be transported on a key chain or in a pocket

personal computers

Two types of _______are desktop and notebook computers

handheld computer

Meter readers and parcel delivery people are likely to use a _______ like the one in Figure 1-4 in their jobs as they move from place to place


Most corporations use _______ for business activities


Many small office/home office users (SOHO) have entered the _______ arena and conduct business on the Web

presentation graphics

With ______software, a mobile user can create and deliver a presentation to a large audience by connecting a mobile computer or device to a video projector that displays the presentation on a full screen


The hardware requirements for a _______user include a workstation or other powerful computer with multimedia capabilities and a PDA or smart phone


______conveys meaning and is useful to one or more people


A(n) is recorded audio, usually an MP3 file, stored on a Web site that can be downloaded to a computer or a portable digital audio player such as an iPod


A(n) ______a program that extends the capability of a browser


Today, _______is a primary communications method for personal and business use


When computer users _______a document, they change its appearance


When using spreadsheet software, the rows and columns collectively are called a(n) _______.


The ________unit is a case that contains electronic components of the computer that are used to process data


One type of system software is a (n)________program, which allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks usually related to managing a computer


Resembling a letter sized slate, the _______PC is a special type of notebook computer that allows users to write or draw on the screen


_____is the process of transferring documents, graphics, and other objects from a computer to a server on the Internet


_____is an unsolicited e-mail message or newsgroup articles sent to many recipients or newsgroups at once


_______is a work arrangement in which employees work away from a company's standard workplace and often communicate with the office through the computer

packaged software

__________is mass-produced copyrighted retail software that meets the needs of a variety of users, not just a single user or company

Open source software

provided for use, modification, and redistribution, has no restrictions from the copyright holder, usually can be downloaded from the web at no cost


_______is copyrighted software provided at no cost to a user by an individual or a company


The ________is a worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and individuals


Each time a user starts a computer the operating system is _____(copied) from the computer's hard disk into memory


A(n) _______is a graphical element that a user activates to cause a specific action to take place

a named collection of stored data, instructions, or information

A file is_______

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