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Career Summary/Objective
This section expresses your career goals or your interest in a specific position or line of work.
This section lists a summary of your experience in higher education
Work Experience
This section of the resume lists your work experience, accomplishments and responsibilities from prior jobs.
A list of people who will say a good word about you.
Personal Information
Your name ,address, and phone number
Soft Skills
a combination of interpersonal people skills, social skills, communication skills
Hard Skills
Examples of hard skills are: word processing programs, spreadsheets, and keyboarding.
the quality of being able to do something especially physical, mental, financial or legal process to accomplish something
Purpose of a Resume
is to secure an interview
is a complete listing of an individual's education, work experience & professional training
One Page
the length of a resume
is the person who will be reading it
Action Verbs
These types of words make your key abilities and attributes jump off the page.
Chronological Resume
A resume that lists information grouped by work over a period of time
Functional Resume
A resume that presents information in terms of key skills
A document that employees complete to provide information to the employer and be considered for a position.
Combination Resume
A type of resume that combines chronological and functional layout of information
Targeted Resume
A type of resume created specifically for a particular task or activity.
A document containing information that can be used as a starting point. This document can be modified as required to create new documents.

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