Adobe Indesign CS6

End of lesson questions for Adobe InDesign CS6 Classroom in a Book

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What are some ways you can change the magnification of a document?
view menu, zoom tool, command + or -.
How do you select tools in InDesign?
Tools, or Keyboard Shortcuts
What are three ways to display a panel?
Click it's icon, click it's tab, or choose from the window menu.
How do you create a panel group?
Drag a panel off the dock to create a free-floating panel. Drag the tab of any other panel into the tab bar of the new, free-floating panel.
What is the Preflight panel?
Reports errors within an aspect of a layout, eg. graphic is imported as RGB.
Type Tool
Allows you to create text frames.
What tool allows you to thread text frames?
The selection tool.
Overset Text
a red box with a plus sign in it.
What tool do you use to move both frames and graphics with in frames?
The selection tool lets you drag a frame to move it or move a graphic around within a frame.
Control Panel
This panel provides options for modifying selected frames, graphics, or text.
How do you change the page numbering scheme?
Pages Panel>Click Page Icon>Numbering and Sections Option
How do you select a master page item on a document page?
Shift + Cmmd and Click object
Select Content Button
Selects different objects within a group.
How do you load the text icon?
File>Place and select a text file or click an outport
Smart Text Reflow
feature that automatically adds pages and threaded text frames to contain all the text in an imported text file.
Auto-Size Feature
Automatically adjusts the size of a text frame based on the length of the text.
Where are most of the commands for editing text?
The Type menu and Edit Menu.
Search and Replace Feature
How do you view the baseline grid?
View>grids & guides> show base line grid
when and where do you use a right indent tab?
a right indent tab, which automatically aligns the text with the right margin of a paragraph, is useful for placing end of story characters.
how do you hang punctuation outside the edges of a text frame?
type>story. select optical margin alignment, which will apply to all the text in the story.
the adjustment of space between pairs of letters to improve its appearance or alter its fit
adjusting the spacing between words, phrases, and extended blocks of text
adobe paragraph composer
evaluates multiple lines at once when determining the best possible line breaks.
adobe single line composer
looks at only one line at a time when determining line breaks
spot colors
instead of being created with CMYK, spot colors are created with specially mixed ink. Has a higher color gamut than process
process colors
colors that you create by mixing varying percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) inks.
why create color in the swatches panel instead of the color panel?
by changing the colors definition in the swatches panel, the color will automatically change throughout the layout.
how do you adjust the direction of a gradient blend?
gradient swatch tool
what are the three steps involved in applying a swatch of color?
select object, select fill box, select color
how can using object styles speed up your work flow?
you can save the format and apply to multiple objects
what must you have created previously in order to create a nested style?
character style & paragraph style
what are the two ways to globally update a style?
edit the style itself and make changes in the formatting options, or use local formatting and then redefine the style based on that instance
how would you import styles from another indesign document
object styles>load styles
content grabber tool
change color in greyscale images
encapsulated postscript
Meta format; Can be used on raster or vector graphics
raster image processor
takes vector images and converts them to halftone dots